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    slingbox is temporarily unavailable


      hey guys


      i have a slingbox pro connected to a sky tv satellite receiver back home in england (i am in california). most of the time i can connect to the slingbox without any problem, but now and again i can't. the problem is usually temporary and i am able to connect again after leaving it a couple days. i would have someone cycle the power but no one is at the house right now. is this a known issue? since this has happened before i'm wondering if the slingbox becomes inactive or something? perhaps the box is having a connection error which eventually manages to resolve itself? the internet connection in the uk is pretty **** compared to what is available in the states. i have pinged the public ip address of the router and got a reponse, so i know the internet isn't down. it's just bizarre this happens sometimes. i also had a slingbox pro at my parents house in florida and it would also do this occasionally, though less frequently. on my end the software successfully "locates" the box, but then just sits on "connecting" before timing out.


      i wish i was able to ping internal ip addresses, or better yet, re-start the slingbox remotely every now and again. the box is on 24/7 for the most part so i think i'm pretty lucky that i have minimal issues with it. i'm desperate to upgrade to a newer box, but until the connection speed gets better in the area that the box is located, i really don't see the point.



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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          I'd suggest getting a remote controlled power switch (Belkin WeMo, Energenie PM-LAN for example) so you can power cycle your Slingbox.


          Then you're no longer at the mercy of Slingbox reliability issues.


          Yes it shouldn't happen but I've tried most of the Slingboxes over the years, and not found one that hasn't needed a reboot at some point (including the new ones) - normally at precisely the wrong time!


          This becomes a major issue when you're predominantly away from the SB location and it's impractical or inconvenient for someone to reboot it for you.