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    Slingbox application crashes after three minutes


      My slingbox application crashes after three minutes.  It worked fine for four weeks and now only plays about three minutes and then starts again.  I have used internet explorer and chrome.  I have used my laptop as well as my desktop.  I have used two different internets and still the same result. Please help ..This is annoying.

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello rhino170,


          Thank you for posting in answers.slingbox.com! To be sure I have a clear understanding, when you go to Watch on Slingbox.com and connect to your Slingbox 500, it crashes after three minutes?


          If that is correct, what happens when it crashes? Are you getting any error messages? Also, does this issue happen when connecting from a remote location, or even when you are connecting at the location of the Slingbox?


          Feel free to reply!


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          The Sling Moderation Team