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    Moved Slingbox Pro And Cannot Connect Now??


      I had Slingbox Pro at home and it worked fine. Never had any connection problems, but then I moved it to my office, where I have the same satellite provider (Directv) and internet provider (Charter - same upload/download speeds, which are 37 mbps down/4 mbps upload). While I can access it from my Mac and iPad here in town, my wife cannot connect down in Ecuador. Every time she logs on, it says "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again." However, before I moved it from the home set-up to the office set-up, she never had any connection problems from Ecuador. The only thing I can see that is different are the routers. Although the internet provider is the same (Charter), the router at home is Netgear and the one at the office is SMC Networks. Could this be the issue? If so, what do I need to do to the SMC router, so it will allow my wife to connect down in Ecuador?

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          Hello cyman1950,


          Thanks for posting in the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are unable to connect to your Slingbox after moving it to a different location.


          I understand that you have the same ISP at the new location, however, in order for the Slingbox to get a network connection from the new network, you will need to reset it to factory settings. After you reset your Slingbox to factory settings, you will need to go through the online setup at setup.slingbox.com.


          Below is a link to an article from our support site that explains how to reset your Slingbox to factory settings:



          Hope this helps!


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