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    slingbox in New Zealand


      I have been searching ways that i can stream American sports (NFL and NBA) here in New Zealand after living in AMerica for a year and came across this site. Is there anyway i am able to do this legally with sling-box as a lot of the american sports that are aired here are usually games I'm not interested in For instance we get like 2 or 3 games of NFL a week on ESPN here during the season and mostly are teams I'm not interested in. So if i can stream ones i want i wont have to watch i don't have to just stick with the lame highlight videos on YouTube. I am not a computer whizz or big on technology so basic answers would help a lot. Also i have no problems with any cost for it. I appreciate any information you guys have a lot, thank you. i could care less about the rest of the tv and movies in America i am only interested in the NFL and NBA so alternative sources would be greatly appreciated aswell.