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    Slingbox and Slingcatcher


      Can anyone suggest a good alternative to the slingcatcher - ours went bellyup and last year used our laptop connected to our TV to watch - but had all kinds of wires running across the floow (HDMI, Power cord) - got an IPAD and have an Apple TV - would that be a good way to go - or is there anyother device that works better with Slingbox PRO-HD device -


      Thank you so much

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello ThePic,


          Thanks for posting in the forums! That's a great question! The iPad and AppleTV will work for what you are looking to do.


          However, if you are looking for a device that you can connect to your TV and just open up the application, without using a mobile device, I would recommend a connected device. Any connected device will work with the Slingbox SOLO, PRO-HD, 350 and 500.


          Below is a link to a page on our web site that explains what a connected device is and what ones you can use:



          Hope this helps!


          Kind regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team