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    Is it possible to check Slingbox Solo without connecting




      I recently received a new ac power adapter for my Slingbox Solo, which had suddenly stopped working. I would like to know if it is possible to determine if my Slingbox is working without having to connect it to my Cable box. I have another device currently set-up, and it would be a real pain to have to disconnect my current device to check out  whether the Slingbox is now working with the new ac adapter. 

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          test350 Novice

          You need an audio/video source to do a meaningful test.


          You probably have a "junk" source lying around, e.g. old VCR, DVD player, media player, security camera, satellite receiver, etc.


          If not, your cable box may have multiple outputs (composite, s-video, component).  Hook up one that's not used by your main system.


          If not, your current capture device may have a loop-through output you can connect to the Solo.


          If not, take your system down for a minute and feed the Solo from the cable box and the current device from the Solo.