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    Video & Audio adjustments?

    MTFrobin Newbie

      I just recieved my SB500 and have a Motorola Droid Maxx HD unlimited Data,


      Home Internet is 50mbps down and 5mbps up. with a Gigabit Router and switches.


      I need to adjust color, contrast, tint, brightnest and volume!!!


      The picture is way over saturated and the contrast needs to be bumped up and the tint is off as well


      and it is way too dark for viewing in lighted areas.


      I'm not liking not being able to access the box direct in my home network, or using direct IP connection.


      There is way too much lag in this last two updates for SP to control your connect devices. SP v3.1 is still fast at everything.


      I own three Slingboxes and two Sling Catchers and have been Slinging for over 9 years.


      Did I miss something where you can get at these settings? Or did we loss complete control of the things we buy?

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          test350 Novice

          You've got quite a list of complaints!


          Regarding brightness/contrast/saturation, yes it would be nice to have those controls, like on the PRO-HD.  If the web player merely lacks the corresponding UI elements, we should be able to write a simple script to make the desired settings.  However, I don't know whether the 350 / 500 hardware supports video processor adjustments, whether the firmware provides an API to write those registers, or whether the protocol is the same as on the PRO-HD.  Do you have reason to believe that this should work?


          I wouldn't expect a tint control to be available -- this is easy on composite or s-video, but would require a matrix multiply for component or RGB digital.


          Why do you need volume?  If your source is overloading the SB inputs, any software control would be too late in the path -- the A/D would clip anyway and the distorted sound would just be softer.  If your source level is so low that noise or hum is a problem, configuring the source for "fixed" volume should solve it.


          If player and Slingbox are on the same LAN, there should be a direct connection, but there seems to be a bug plaguing some users.  Your idea of a direct IP connection is worth a try.  Using the standalone player, add a new entry with the IP address and port for your 500.  You'll need to know the 15-character admin password, which on 350 / 500 is not normally visible to the end user.  To find yours, visit newwatch.slingbox.com and and log into your Sling account (if not automatically logged in).  Then, enter https://newwatchsecure.slingbox.com/watch/slingAccounts/account_boxes_js in your browser's address bar.  If it offers to save the file, do so and open it in a text editor.  If the contents appear in the browser window, copy and paste.  You should see data including the passwords for all devices in your directory.  If you have multiple devices, please note that the device "displayName" is after the corresponding passwords.


          Once you've added your "new" Slingbox, you should be able to view it in the Web player.  Confirm, e.g. with Wireshark, that data is flowing directly over the LAN.  (I don't have a Slingbox on the LAN where I am now, so a WAN address was used for this test, but the principle should be the same.)  One minor problem is that the name for the real directory entry changed to match what I chose for the "new" box!  I went back to the standalone player to change it back to the original name.  In the web player, the real and new entries (which now have the same name) can still be distinguished -- when you mouse over the new one, Network Status shows as Custom.


          Let me know if this allows your Maxx HD to make a direct LAN connection.  Of course, you'll need to connect by Wi-Fi to an access point on the same LAN segment as your Slingbox.

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              MTFrobin Newbie

              Wow, thank you very much.


              First the brightness, constrast, saturation is important only on my smart phone

              and the volume for me does need to go a lttle higher as I sit in a heavy equipment vehicle all day.


              On my Pro-HD I have it almost maxed, any more and it would distort.

              Cable companies have been lowering the volume as far as I can tell,

              because my Sony EX surround Sound System volume is about 15 db higher than a year ago.


              Thank you for the password link I will give it a try this weekend (Sunday)

              I was able to see the SB500 in the stand alone player but needed the password.

              So you are saying I should be able to watch my SB500 in the Desktop Player?, Yes


              The stand alone player or the web based player are both good, It's just I keep hitting close browser instead of tab.

              It's just a learning curve for me. Or I have to open two browers and pay attention to which one I close.

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              MTFrobin Newbie

              I have been using this SB 500 for a couple of months and the Android App.

              Having been sling for many, many years.


              I have to say I'm very disappointed !!!!!!!!


              Removing all video hardware decoding and still charging us TOP DOLLAR is insane !!!!


              Not being able to adjust any video options any more making watching SB during the day imposible!!!!



              The NEW Mobile app just is a piece of ****!!! with long delays to switch channels, stop, pause,rewind or just thumb through your own guide on the DVR cable box.


              I'm trying to be nice but you guys and gals have drop the ball BIG TIME!!!!!!!