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    No Comma on iPhone Keyboard for Password


      Not sure what this is all about, but



      I just upgraded today and got the new Slingbox. I was able to set it up and its working great.


      I downloaded the iPad app, and it works great, but


      I downloaded the iPhone App,

      and when i go to login, the onscreen keyboard does not have a comma


      My Password has a comma in it. What can i do? No, Changing my password is not an answer as my password is pretty secure.


      Now, can anyone check on this and see if your keyboard has a comma (iPhone only).


      It could be because im running iOS7, so the issue might be mine, but if you all check and dont have a comma either, then it tells me its not my iOS 7 but an issue with the iPhone app.


      Like is said, the iPad app is fine and I am able to login.


      Thanks for looking into this.


      Please let me know

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Looks like Sling Inc made an odd choice regarding which keyboard layout to use for the password field on the iPhone app. Quickest solution would be to enter a comma in the username field, and then cut and paste it into the password field. Hopefully the password field doesn't have any issues with the somewhat-unexpected character.

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              Thanks man


              I have marked your answer as correct.


              I never thought about that, but i just tired it and it worked.


              I added a comma to the "username" field, and then copied it, and remove it, then pasted it in the password field and it did take it.


              Yea, its strange that they would leave this stuff out.


              Thanks for the heads up