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    No local video when live, but video setup shows video just fine...


      Everything was working fine until trying to watch TV locally from my Sat DVR - through the Slingbox - and out to a TV which is physically connected.  Here are some interesting facts:


      1.  I have both HDMI and Component Video cables running from the sat box to the Slingbox.

      2.  I have a single HDMI cable running from the Slingbox to the TV.

      3.  I can see the video image from the Sat box just fine in the little window in the upper right corner of the screen when I go to set up video

      4.  When I switch to Live TV, I either get a completely black screen or a screen with a bunch of flashing vertical pink lines.

      5.  I ***can*** watch video REMOTELY via the Slingplayer, I just can't get the video image to display LOCALLY on the TV.

      6.  Once again, if I go into the Slingbox settings, I can see the slingbox menu options just fine on my TV.  I can even see the video image in the little window during input setup, its just that I can not see anything once the Slinbox goes into Live TV mode.  (Remote viewing seems to be unaffected and working just fine)

      7.  Detaching the HDMI cable and running over pure component video does not seem to change any of these observations.

      8.  If I bypass the Slingbox and go directly to the TV, the video image displays just fine.


      I'm thinking I have some sort of memory or processing error with my slingbox.  (its about 1 or 2 months old)  Once again this used to work just fine...


      ...any suggestions?  Do I need to replace the unit?

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello evanevery,


          Thank you for posting in the Slingbox answers forum! I'm sorry to hear you are unable to get a video Signal when trying to Watch live TV from your television.


          I have an idea of what could be causing this. If you go to newwatch.slingbox.com and hit settings above the video player, click on configure inputs. After you do this, check and see if you are configured to HDMI or Component. You most likely have the component input configured. If it is, you will not get video on the TV because the TV is using HDMI. Therefore you will need to switch the input over to component.


          Feel free to reply if this does not work for you.


          Hope this helps!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team