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    Slingbox 350/500 and Connected Devices 10003 issue


      I just chatted with Sling Media Support (Case #00750784).  I was able to watch my Slingbox 350 with my Netgear NeoTV (NTV300) fine for a few days and then all of a sudden I got disconnected while watching it.  Then upon trying to reconnect, I keep receiving error 10003.  I was told by Jarod at Sling Media Support that this is a known issue and that they are currently working on a fix.  For the time being, the only way to resolve the issue is to reset the Slingbox 350 physically using the reset button on the back.  Since I'm not at the Slingbox's location, I cannot.  This issue is only occuring on my NeoTV and was told that it only affects "Connected Devices" which means any/all media players.  I can still use my Slingbox just fine from my laptop.  I asked Jarod if there was any way I could be notified whenever the fix is released and was told to come here and create a forum post and that a moderator would see my post and notify me when the fix has been released.  So I'm following Jarod's instructions and creating a forum post.  Please post a response to let me know you have acknowledged my post and that you will indeed let me know when the fix has been released.  Thank you.