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    Tivo 30-Sec Skip (CMD+F) Shortcut Broken


      The title says it all. I have a SlingBox 350 connect to a Tivo Premiere XL. When I pull up the slingplayer in my browser the player works fine and all of the shortcut keys work great. (Example: 'M' - Tivo Button, 'U' - Pause, 'P' - Play), however, CMD+F does not activate skip it activates Fast Forward which the shotcut key is 'F'. I thought this was just a bug with the browser, so I tried another. I have now verified the issue in the newest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


      Also, I travel a lot and travel with only my work laptop (Windows machine). When I am traveling with my windows machine the skip hotkey (Control + F) works great along with all of the hotkeys.


      Trying to explain this issue to Slingbox support makes me want to pull my hair out and is extremely frustrating. I reported the issue well over a month ago and got no where. I received one phone call of a support person wanting my slingbox password so they could verify the issue. I did a quick password change for them and left my tivo paused. For 2 hours no one logged in right after they called wanting to log in. I changed my password back and haven't heard back since.


      I realize that this isn't a big issue, but I have a wireless keyboard for my mac so that when I am watching TV I don't have to use the mouse to click the on-screen skip. It's frustrating when as a developer myself I know how simple this issue really is and how quickly someone should be able to fix it. Also -- having to let someone log into my personal slingbox is unacceptable. You mean to tell me that NO ONE at slingmedia has a mac and a slingbox to try this on?



      The attached screenshot is just a screenshot of the remote. If you hover over the 30-sec skip button it clearly says CMD + F is the shortcut.