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    Slingbox 350 detected as remote by WD app


      Hi -  I hope someone has seen this and can shed some light on it.


      I have a slingbox 350 in my bedroom that I have been using my WD TV Live box to watch on the side porch during the nice summer weather.  Both the slingbox and the WD box are directly wired into the same router with cat6 cable.


      For the past month, this has been rock solid and has worked great for HD quality viewing.


      Starting this afternoon, the slingbox shows up as "remote" in the directory on the WD app, where it previously said "local."  When I connect to it and look at the details, it shows my ISP assigned public IP address instead of the 192.168 internal IP I would usually see.  Since this started, the best quality that doesn't freeze up is good.  I can't select the best/HD quality setting or it starts to pixelate and freeze.  I don't understand this at all.  I went to speedtest.net and I test at 147.6 Mbps down and 73.2 Mbps up, close enough to the 150/75 package I subscribe to.  This should be more than enough to be able to stream through the internet at Best/HD quality.


      When viewing at watch.slingbox.com is shows "LAN On" - so this sees it as local.


      I have power cycled the slingbox, router and WD box to no avail.  It still shows as remote and I cannot watch at HD quality.


      Has anyone seen this?


      I have a great area setup on the porch, I'd greatly appreciate any assistance I can get in getting the tv working again!

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          So....I made the problem even worse it seems.  I reset the 350 and re-configured it.  Now, the WD box is connecting in relay mode and the quality is soooo much worse than it was before.


          A call to sling media was little help.  I was told it was a known issue that would be fixed with a future software update.  They said that the slingplayer for connected devices is not connecting to 350's correctly whether local or remote.  Apparently I avoided the problem until my slingbox died and a replacement was sent.  Even then, I had 12 good hours after the replacement arrived before the problem started happening.


          Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Is there any workarounds or anything that anyone has found, or any suggestions of anything I can try?


          I can connect to a Pro-HD box that a friend in Canada has without an issue.  This is somewhat of a workaround, but I'd like to watch my local stations for news, and have access to my DVR and On Demand content, like I have had since I set this up a month ago.

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              Just curious.... Did you ever get this issue resolved? I have a 350 and am looking at remote media players just for my sling player solution. I'm not thrilled with the Roku needing a phone as part of the solution. I am looking at the lower end Netgear Neo and the WD TV play as possible players.

              Do you or anyone out ther have any input as to which might be better(less buggy)