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    TiVo Premiere bug


      I've got a Slingbox Solo and a TiVo Premiere hooked to a digital antenna.


      The Solo doesn't send the correct channel number format to directly access a channel. For example, if I go to the Guide and tell it to watch channel "3.1" the solo sends "31" instead.


      Channel-up and Channel-down work fine, but to direct-access any channel I have to manually type "3.1" into the on-screen remote instead of clicking on the guide to change to the desired channel.


      Glad to see there's finally an official TiVo Premiere on-screen remote with the 4 colored buttons. Now just wish it would change the channels correctly. I've tried going through the setup but there's no option for the digital "x-dot-x" channel number formats. Just the "5", "05", "005", and "0005" options.