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    Which connected device should I buy?


      I've been researching connected devices for the last couple of weeks after my SlingCatcher died on me.  Who knew it would be so expensive to replace the SlingCatcher?  Anyway, I'm looking for advice on which connected device to use. 


      My set-up:

      Slingbox Pro-HD with 3MB upload cable internet in Washington State, USA

      ????  with 7MB download WiMax (soon to be fiberoptic when it makes it to my neighborhood) in Rota, Spain


      I've read some mixed reviews on the different connected devices.  The WDTV seems to be buggy.  Some people have issues with it crashing often.  Logitech's Revue seems decent, but I want to use a universal Remote (Logitech Harmony One) so can't use the mousepad or keyboard.  Does that mousepad/keyboard function as a univeral remote for other stuff?  The Sony internet player seems good too.  What about the Boxee Box?


      In this price range, money isn't a real deterrant.  They are similar enough in price that I'll go with the best one.  Is there a significant difference in the ease of use?  The time to connect?  The time to change channels?  It took 2-3 seconds with my SlingCatcher, what should I expect with these devices?


      The most important time to have this working is by NFL Football season, so August.  Is Roku support coming soon?  Or support for my PS3?  I'd be happy to wait if it's likely going to work better than Logitech/Sony/WDTV/Boxee options.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Still in search of a connected device.  Any recommendations?


          Thanks in advance!

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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              If you're content to stick with the Pro-HD then the best connected device is still the SlingCatcher, if you can find one on eBay or somewhere.


              The players for WDTV etc are, in my experience, a step down in quality from the catcher, and Sling seem unwilling or incapable of addressing the issues with these players with any real urgency.


              They work but they're not polished and pretty clunky in comparison to the good old Slingcatcher.


              As an example - if I connect to my remote box using WDTV then it works ok to begin with but at some point the stream will glitch or jump (nothing unusual there with the tech) but this will then mean that all subsequent commands to change channels etc will suddenly be subject to a delay of anything up to 20s! The only way out of it is then to disconnect and reconnect. Tons of people have reported this - not just on here - and it goes back probably a year now since first reported, but have Sling done anything about it? Nope, just a couple of vague semi-promises to look into it from whichever mod has decided to spend some random time in the forums, then nothing happens.


              That's just one example - pity the poor folk who get Error 10003 requiring a regular Slingbox reboot when they're put of town!


              It's a shame, the idea of putting the player on multiple devices has merit but it's been woefully undermined by the execution IMHO.


              Not heard anything about Roku or PS3, there were rumours about the latter over a year ago but not heard anything more since then.


              Roku is a challenge for them because all the others they've released so far have been based on Flash technology, which Roku doesn't use. I guess that means it would be something of a bigger investment to get it working on Roku so maybe they're not that bothered. Who knows? Enough people have been asking for a Roku version definitely.


              Unless you want to build a dedicated HTPC for watching your Slingbox, then my advice would be to do what you can to get your hands on a replacement SlingCatcher.


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              I own the WD TV LIve and a Slingbox PRO-HD.  Until recently it worked ok.  The WDTV is slow to respond and not a great device, but when I bought it it was the only streamer that could do Slingplayer and Netflix.  A few have come along since then, but the reviews of those devices are no better than the WD TV Live.  Fortunately I only use the WD TV Live in my bedroom.  In my living room I have a full PC, giving me access to Slingplayer on the Web, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO Go.  Using a full-fledged keyboard is annoying, but what I lack in remote control functionality from a streamer, I more than make up for in responsiveness.  If you are looking for a streamer for a location that doesnt get used a lot, go with a streamer.  If its a frequently used location, get a full fledged PC/Chrome device...that is at least until Sling gets off their lazy a$$es and makes a player for Roku.  Once they do, all these discussion topics become moot.