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    No way to remove defective 350 from my directory


      I just received a replacement for my Sling350 that was defective and dropping the connection.  I set the replacement up and it works great.


      Unfortunately, I just learned that there is no way at all to remove a 350 from your directory.  This is a huge oversight and I cannot believe that an issue this large exists almost a year after the box was released.


      I have purchased a total of 7 Slingboxes since I first bought my "Classic" model in 2005 and have always been very happy and have sold a few friends and family on the Slingbox as well.  The few times I have contacted Sling support, things have been great and issues got cleared up very fast on the same phone call or chat.  This is a big disappointment as all I was told is that they are working on it but there is no estimate as to when there will be a way to remove the box. It could be next week, and it could also be two years from now.  I asked if they could just remove my sling account and I could set it up again from scratch, and was told this was not possible either.  I'm not comfortable with not having the ability to close out or remove an account I have anywhere.  This doesn't set well with me at all.


      How are such gross oversights allowed to be ok and exist for this long?

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          If this is a known issue, like I was told, it should also be mentioned on webpages like:



          Instead, the webpage gives directions that do not work for this model....

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              test350 Novice

              What goes wrong?


              Does the standalone player run?  If so, when you go to Connect->Slingbox Directory, do you see the defective box?  If so, when you select it, is the Remove button active?  If so, when you click on it, does the OK option appear?  If so, when you click on that, what happens?


              If there are any error messages, please post details.

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                  I don't have a windows pc to load the standalone player on and the Mac version was discontinued long ago.


                  Strangely, after the support rep I spoke to on the phone told me up and down (even sideways) that this is a known issue and there was no way to remove a 350 from your directory at all, I just opened up a support chat to see if I could get it renamed (couldn't do this through the website since this box was offline).  The agent in the chat went in and removed it from my account in 2 minutes.


                  It must have just been that the phone support rep had no idea at all what she was talking about.

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                      Tyler.Sling Novice

                      Hello PeteS1980,


                      Thanks for posting in the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are unable to remove your Slingbox 350 from your directory. This is actually was a known issue.


                      When the 350 and 500 were released, there was not a way to remove it from your directory. There was a recent update that included this feature. Therefore, it is now possible to remove the Slingbox 350 and 500 from your directory. All users should be able to do so via Mac or PC.


                      Below is a link from our support site that explains how to remove the Slingbox from your Directory in Watch on Slingbox.com:



                      Hope this helps!


                      Best regards,

                      The Sling Moderation Team