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    Slingbox 350/500 Is It One Audio Input Only?

    Maxcats Novice

      Am I correct that the 350/500 are both NOT designed to share the one audio input  (RCA red/white) between component and composite video sources?


      So it is ONLY one TV source with video and audio together on the 350/500?


      The other input (either composite or component) is video alone with no audio?

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          test350 Novice

          There is only one set of audio inputs, though they can be used with both video inputs.  A typical solution is to connect the audio outputs of  both sources to the Slingbox, using Y connectors.  Then, you have to ensure that only one of the sources is turned on at a time.  If they are both on, you may hear a mixture of the two soundtracks, or badly distorted audio, depending on the devices.  With a few devices, a Y connector won't work well, because one device will load down the other's audio output, even when turned off.  In such cases, you'll need to use an external remote-controlled audio or A/V switching device.

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            Maxcats Novice

            I'm an audiophile from decades ago and long experience swapping leads with dire consequences has me nervous about Y-Splitters and other dubious work arounds!


            At the moment my source is a Tivo which can not be turned off, so my 350 is reduced to one video/audio source and one silent video-only source on composite.


            The online 350 Support section says:


            "The Slingbox 350 is designed for only one A/V device at a time. However, you could use the remaining available video input (composite or component) for another device without sound, like a security camera, as long as it uses the proper connector."