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    Updated SlingPlayer Plug-in:  malware?



      When I tried to watch online today via Mac, I was directed into an endless loop.  Every time the view tries to initialize, it is directed to a license agreement and then downloads an installer for an updated plug-in installer for Mac.  I install, shut Safari (and/or reboot) and yet each time, I'm brought back to the license agreement and forced to download again. 


      Any help?



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          I have the same issue.  Have you found a solution yet?


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            I'm also having this same problem. Every time I go to watch online through my macbook pro it has me go through the license agreement and download the plug in again. I have the most recent version of mountain lion (6.3). If anyone knows a solution or what the issue might be it would be helpful. Thanks.

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              Same issue here.  Anything that can resolve this?  I'm in Hawaii and my slingbox is in Massachusetts, so hopefully it isn't aything to do with the hardware there.

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                  I also experienced the loop of the forced download of the Slingplayer internet plugin. I was using the latest Mac OS (10.8.3) at the time. When I updated to Mac OS 10.8.4 I had even more problems with Safari. Almost every web site that required input (e.g. username/password) would crash Safari. I found a suggested fix, implemented it, and both problems are gone.


                  The problem was due to an old piece of software named "SIMBL". It is a fairly old "hack" to inject code into running processes, and was used to implement some Safari enhancements, usually prior to 2010. At any rate, I used "Easy Find" (excellent utility) to find and remove all files with "SIMBL" in their names. I have not noticed any bad effects for any applications, and I can now enjoy the new viewer at Slingbox.com.


                  Bill Halberstadt

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                  Any luck? I am still stuck without use of my SlingBox on my MacBook Pro but works on iPad.

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                      The folks at Slingbox refuse to recognize that this is a problem of THEIR making. That is, they changed the plug-in so that it is no longer compatible with older Mac operating system but respond as if your computer was never compatible with their product. You either have to pay to update your OS or, if you are unable to update (as am I), buy a new computer with the most recent OS. Their response is simply to send you a list of OS that are now compatible and ignore the fact that the system you have functioned fine when you purchased your Slingbox until they SUBSEQUENTLY changed the plug-in requirement.