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    AT&T Uverse Playback Buffering Issue


      I recently upgraded to the SlingBox 500 and coincidentally(???) my Remote Uverse DVR Playback on my iPhone5 become unwatchable. I get about 4 seconds of playback alternating with 4 seconds of video buffering. I am using SQ mode. What I don't understand is when I watch live TV remotely with the same app and at the same location there is good video with no buffering interruptions. My DVR playback works fine when watching on my home TV so it does not seem to be a DVR issue.


      I did a network speed test and had an LTE connection with 6 mbps download and 1 mbps upload. I also tried restarting the app and the iphone. This is repeatable.


      Anyone else experience this behaviour? Any suggestions?


      Is there anything different in the way the 500 handles playback video versus live video from AT&T U-verse?