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    Change remote image

    tjbinno Newbie


      Have gotten excellent answers here over the last two days to my previous two problems.


      I just upgraded my router to a new router,  In the process I've had to completely reset my Slingbox which lost all my previous settings.  But I have it running again (thanks to support here) with the new router and my two interfaces, a Tivo and a Cable box,


      On my windows PC software:

      My Tivo setup is fine...all works well and the remote image is correct.


      My Cable box setup is not....it connects and shows the video but the remote control image is incorrect.

      I have an older remote ( my cable box has been upgraded).

      I had this problem two years ago when I set up my slingbox with my old router.

      I had to replace my remote control image then to the correct one.


      But of course, I no longer remember how to do it nor where to find the correct remote image to use.


      The only info I see on my remote is COX  (even though I'm on Suddenlink cable).  I've searched inside the battery compartment also, but see no other identifying info.


      Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          The only way to get the correct image is to run the Video Setup and specify the correct Cable box.  Is there not a label on the device itself that gives a model number ?

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              There used to be a number of remotes listed when i ran setup, and after setup was completed, I could awitch from all those remotes,  This feature has disappeared



              Personally, I think the slingbox techies have made changes to accommodate the 2 new Slinboxes they are now pushing, to the detriment of the Slingboxes we already own.  SHAME