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    Netgear NeoTV can't unpause after pausing


      I have a Netgear NeoTV controlling a Slingbox 350 which is connected to a Motorola DVR. I can connect with no problem, but there is a major design flaw in the control interface. The "play/pause" button on the Netgear remote will only PAUSE. So if I'm watching a program on my DVR and hit the pause button, it will pause, but if I hit the button again, it will only advance the still image one frame forward, then it will stay paused! Same thing if I'm fast forwarding... if i fast forward then hit the "play/pause" button, it will just pause and then I'm stuck again. The only way to get it playing again it to hit STOP, which sends me back to my DVR menu then having to hit play again and relaunch the program.


      Clearly my Motorola DVD has two seperate IR commands for Play and Pause, but the Netgear remote is only sending out signals for the PAUSE command.


      I don't have this problem when watching over the web interface on my computer or my iPhone, because the on-screen virtual remote has both play and pause buttons. But there's nothing I can do on the Netgear... renders things pretty useless.


      Slingbox, please fix this bug!