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    Pre-Sales Questions




      I'm planning on moving to a new house in a few months and I'm thinking out loud here regarding options on setting up the new place's AV equipment. I'd like to know if the following is both feasible and doable. And does it make sense?


      The proposed setup:

      I will have a computer with a wired Ethernet connectionwired Ethernet attached to 3 TVs in the house - the living room, bedroom and den. Each computer will be attached to its TV via HDMI running at least 720 resolution. I also have a wireless notebook, iPad and iPhone that I'd like to receive Slingbox on, but that's outside the scope of what I'm talking about here. A Verizon DVR will be connected to the living room TV where the Slingbox will reside. I may add additional computer \ TV combos to other rooms in the future. The monthly cost of additional set top boxes in every location is what is driving this. The goal is to buy 1 Slingbox and be able to watch my DVR from any TV \ computer combo in the house.


      Given that I have never seen Slingbox in action and I'd like your input on:


      1) Does this design make sense? Is this a common configuration?


      2) I do like my quality HD TV signals. Can I expect my satellite Slingbox TVs to look as good as the Living Room TV attached to the DVR, or is there a drop-off in quality?


      3) Would the Slingbox Pro HD be the correct model to purchase?

      (taking into account that one day I may add a blue ray or some other HD device to the Slingbox in the living room)


      4) I have an AV receiver in the living room. Attached to it are the Verizon signal and the living room computer, then ONE HDMI output to the TV. Does this piece of equipment play any role in how I would set up my Slingbox? I will not need to send living room computer feeds out the Slingbox since all other TV locations will be attached to it's own computer.


      Thanks for any advice or caveats you can offer, and please let me know if I'm missing something in what I'm conjuring above.





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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello landofunland,


          Thanks for posting in the forums! These are great questions! After reading how everything would be setup, it sounds like it would work without an issue.


          You can expect to get an HD Signal if you are using the Slingbox PRO-HD, 350, or 500. The only thing that I would like to clarify is that only one user can connect to the Slingbox at a time and it can only broadcast from one device at a time.


          Therefore, you will only be able to watch from one of the TV's you have the computer connected to at a time.


          Feel free to reply if you have any questions or if there are questions you have that I did not address.


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team