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    Starting Over on my computer


      I use slingbox over my computer to watch TV on my boat.  Today,upon signing on, I received a notification that I needed an upgrade (plugin) and had to go through the process.  However. after agreeing to the terms, clicking continue, I finally arrived at the install page for the Active X control.  After about 20 seconds, a messages said it could not install since I had a later version on my computer. All I could do is cancel and back out fo the process. I am unable to watch slingbox since I cannot get out of the update loop.

      The system has worked great for several years until today.


      So, I have two questions.

      1.  Anyone know how to avoid this loop?

      2.  If not, how do I wipe my computer setting clean, and start over, like I had a new computer, to get back running.

      Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

      Rick Johnson

      I am running Windows 7, IE 10, slingbox 350