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    error w201


      would someone give me some advice?!?!  i can get the TV on slingbox hd pro up for about 5 minutes every time on my account before it freezes than says error w201. we only use slingbox on our labtop (gateway windows 7), i have it hdmi connected to our tv. the internet works great on everything in the house. the slingbox has been working fine until about a week ago. cables,connections, everythings good. i looked up the error code and went though all the steps. i think norton had something to do with it. i wiped norton off my labtop for now, i also found the slingbox setup and the activex installers. HERE'S THE PROBLEM. when i try to install them and play with them, they go though the motions than when they start to install it pops up a newer version is already installed. and i cant find what is installed. can somebody please point in the direction?        G.T.