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    Nexus 7 SlingPlayer for Tablet - GEEZE!!!

    infinitempg Newbie

      I have a Slingbox Classic and play it pretty much flawlessly with my SlingPlayer for Smart Phone app on my Droid Razr Maxx and also remotely with my HP Netbook.  I just bought a Nexus 7 and was happily surprised that when it synced my Google account it also synched all my android apps from the Google Play Store, including SlingPlayer.  Today I was trying to work in my garage and rather than watching the playoff game on my dinky phone or breaking out the netbook I figured I'd fire up the Nexus 7.   Oops.


      The app was there and appeared to work but every time it fired up I'd only get a single frame of the TV broadcast and it would be frozen.  So before the game started I got online and looked and sure enough, there's a player specifically for tablets.  So fired up the Google Play Store and found the app... $14 for the app but since I found the app on my phone worth it's cost I figured this would also be worth it.  So after several attempts to pay for it (geeze) I finally managed to get it installed a few minutes before the game.  Ran to the garage and setup the Nexus 7 and prepared to start work.


      After a few seconds I got a message that my Slingbox is not compatible with the SlingPlayer app for Tablets!  HUH?  It works on the app for my phone and tried to work with the same app on my Nexus 7.  So now I paid $14 for what?!?!?   No, not planning on spending $$$ on a new Slingbox, happy with the one I have but unbelieveable that it works on my phone but not on the tablet.


      Any way to get a refund on the bait-and-switch tactic that didn't tell me I couldn't use it until "after" I bought it?  (would rather have the app work on my tablet)