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    Directv hr24-100 will not turn on from slingbox control- but works fine if I manually turnr it on


      I had to get a new DTV hd dvr.  It's the hr24-100. If the dvr is lit up and on, the slingbox works perfectly.  If the dvr is off, the slingbox reports no video and I cannot turn it on via the slingplayer remote- power doesnt work, nor does channel up which usually turns the reciver on.


      If I sit in the room and use the DTV remote,  channel up turns on the dvr immediately and then it can be controlled by the slingplayer software-- if the box isnt on, the slingplayer cannot get viedo and the remote doesn tturn it on-- the box powers down after 4 hours of inactivity  automatially-- I should need to leave it on all the time- don't have to with the old hr21-100's


      UGH-- this was working perfectly before the box was changed.