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    Slingbox Solo & Virgin V+ HD box


      Using component AV through Scart connection from Virgin V+ HD cable box (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300DVD) to Slingbox Solo delivers AV on computer  but not cable menu ! Makes navigation difficult (ie OK to type channel numbers for navigation but difficult to navigate when you can't see the menu). Any ideas ?

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          callanish Apprentice

          Yeah, I can also verify that as being an issue. With Scart, menu's are turned off on that box. Those Scientific Atlanta V+ boxes are getting pretty old now and component to component is your only option sacrificing the HDMI connection, but it still works. Upgrading to either the tivo or the samsung V+ boxes given out by Virgin will allow the scart connections on those boxes to show the menus.  I've got two slingbox's connected to the old S.A V+ box using both component and scart, plus I've got a second tivo box that is the primary box, so I can relate to the scart issue without menu's on the old V+ box. The Scart connection on that is only good for liveTV. If you can use the component connection, you'll get a 25% picture quality boost over scart, so if you can, and your tv supports component, you might want to consider V+ to Slingbox Component in. Component out to TV. If not, then contact Virgin and upgrade your DVR box to one of the newer models where scart menus work with the slingbox.