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    Slingbox CLASSIC: Streaming stops unexpectedly


      There is a thread in the Slingbox Solo group which exactly describes the problem I am having with my Slingbox Classic. My problem is identical and started at the exact same time as tons of people who have slingbox SOLOs, yet since my unit is a CLASSIC, I'm not welcome there. I guess its just a weird coincidence that my classic unit started exhibiting the same problem at the same time.


      Anyway, I've had my classic for several years and up until a week or so ago it worked flawlessly. Then it started freezing as soon as I connected remotely and I can not get it to work beyond 1 or 2 seconds. The controls still work however as I can change the channel but I get no image or sound after about 1 second. It works just fine on the LAN but not remotely. I have spent hours troubleshooting to no avail. I'm reluctant to spend the $30 for tech support as all the many users on the SOLO forum, who have this exact same problem, report that the $30 for tech support is a waste of money and no solution is provided.


      Slingbox acknowledges that based on the volume of users describing this identical problem, that there's obviously something wrong and their engineers are looking into it. Of course it has been weeks and still no real answers.


      I should also report that several owners of other units (non-solos) have also reported this problem on that huge thread on the Solo forum, but apparently that forum is only for SOLO users. So I'm posting here on the advice of the moderator of that forum and hope that Sling will also look into this identical problem on my classic model.


      Thank you.