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    Slingbox worked when I was home, now I am out of town it doesn't!


      So I set up my 500 at home. It worked great on my iphone and computer (when I tried it at home).


      Now I am in Vegas and I am trying to get it remotely.  It says it can't connect.


      It worked just fine before I left my house.


      I can't trouble shoot since I am not home near my box. Is there anyway I can get it running remotely????


      I spent $300 on the box and $129 on the neotv netgear box as well.  And now I can't do anything.


      PLEASE HELP!!!!



        • Re: Slingbox worked when I was home, now I am out of town it doesn't!

          If you get a reply within 6 months from support you may have a fix to your problem. You my slingbox owner should enjoy Vegas when you can because there is nothing on your end you can do to fix this until you get back home and trouble shoot. It sounds like to me your router my have kicked your slingbox off the network or it's there, and the router is just not recognizing it. When you return home First and easiest reset your router see if that fix your problem. If not try this second setup your router again, if that don't work you will most likely have to configure your router manually, and that process is somewhere on this site on how to do it or just Google it. After that you should be able to watch your TV away from your home. I hope this helps... you spent a large amount of money for a piece of equipment to not to work. Good luck