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    No video when I use the component input ...





      In my setup, I had my set top box connected to my AMP, and my AMP is connected to my TV.


      I tried to put my Slingbox 500 between my set top box and my AMP. When I use HDMI, and when I'm configuring the video input in Slingbox, it says that it can't detect any video signal via the HDMI input of Slingbox. But I still have image on the TV.


      Perhaps that's linked with the HDCP issue, but I have another problem. The component video output of my set top box isn't active.


      So I tried another strategy, and I put my Slingbox between my AMP and my TV.


      First of all, I've connected the HDMI output on Slingbox to the HDMI input on TV.


      Using the HDMI input on Slingbox the same problem of before remained. It didn't detect any video signal coming from HDMI input when configuring the video input in the Slingbox setup.


      But when I used the component video output from my AMP, I didn't have the message during Slingbox video setup that it couldn't detect any video signal coming via Component Input. But what it showed was a completely small blue rectangle on the setup screen.


      When I tried to connect with WD TV Live and with the SlingPlayer on my iPad, I had the same syntom. I had sound, but the image was a completely blue screen.


      Could the problem be related to using HDMI from the Slingbox to the TV, even when I'm only using the Component input on Slingbox ?


      I'm completely lost right now. Can you please help me and give me any clue of what it's happening here ?


      By the way, I live in Portugal and I couldn't find the set top box model that I use, so I've choosed another from the same vendor (Thomson). I believe that the only problem that I can have using a wrong model is that the remote control wouldn't work, and I also believe that choosing a wrong model can't have anything to do with my problem of not having any image at all.


      Thanks in advance for any help.




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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello Xanandoa,


          Thanks for posting in the forums. I'm sorry to hear you are unable to get a video signal when using the component input on your Slingbox 500. It sounds like you may be experiencing a form of High Definition Copyright Protection called Selectable Output Control (SOC).


          To test this, could you try disconnecting any HDMI connected to your cable box and testing the component input for a video signal? If this does not work, try rebooting your cable box after disconnecting HDMI. Some cable boxes don't unblock the input until the cable box is rebooted.


          If this does work, you will need an additional set of component cables going OUT of your Slingbox to your TV in order to get a video signal on your television.


          Below is a link to an article that explains in more detail what is possible happening:



          Hope this helps!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team