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    On Screen Remote Welcome for WD Media Players and other 350 issues


      I just bought a Slingbox 350 for my vacation home.  To watch on my TV, I also purchased a WD TV Play.  I find the WD TV Play terribly ackward to change channels.  Why not have a pop-up remote similiar to the on-line experience.


      Twice, I couldn't access my Slingbox 350 and had to have a neighbor enter my home to unplug and restart my Slingbox.  Is this a problem unique to my unit or a larger scale common problem?


      Finally, when I access the WD TV "Speedtest", it states that the upload is running at 8mbps.  Strange that I have Verizon fios 50 / 25 speed and the unit is connected to my router with an eithernet cable.  On the viewing end, I am attached to Charter cable 30 / 5.  These speeds should, in theory, allow for the best high quality mode.  I am mostly in Basic mode.  What is the problem?


      I hope my viewing experience improves.....