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    Best TV Options/Setup For Using Slingbox Away From Home


      I have a Slingbox Solo with software version 2.1.270 on my primary home theater setup. I recently purchased a second home and I'm in the process of purchasing a new TV for that home. Instead of purchasing cable or satellite TV in the second home, I plan to watch what's on my TV in my primary home using my Slingbox via the Internet at the second home. My TV purchase options for the new second home are either a Samsung 55" 1080P Smart TV or an LG model smart TV. When it comes to download quality, is one TV better than the other or does it even matter? Do you have any other advice before I make my TV purchase that will make watching TV in my second home easier/better using the Slingbox Solo in my primary home? Thank you!

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          Hello KRosenkranz,


          Thank you for using the answers forum! That's a great question! There are no current applications for any Smart TV. Also, the web browser in any Smart TV will not allow you to install the SlingPlayer plug-in. If you would like to watch from a TV, we recommend using a connected device.


          An example of a connected device would be a Netgear Neo TV or a Western Digital TV. They are both small devices that connect to your HD TV via HDMI cable. The device has the SlingPlayer application built-in, as well as youtube, netflix, and other streaming players. Basically, a connected device turns your HD TV into a Smart TV.


          Below is a link from Slingbox.com that tells you all of the supported connected devices:



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