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    Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.


      I have a Gigabit home network with high quality managed switches set for video throughput etc but the WDTVLive box still cannot produce full uninterupted HD off the Slingbox 500 . It always suggests using a lower quality level. Laptops and other PC's on the same network produce great HD images off the Slingbox 500.   Ironically, the same WD Live TV box can stream good HD movies etc off the NAS, but why not off Slingbox?

      Hints appreciated....

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello brentfleming,


          Thank you for using the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are unable to get an uninterrupted HD signal the Slingbox 500 when connecting via WDTV. It would be much appreciated if you could respond back with the following information:


          • Is the WDTV setup at the same location as the Slingbox, or is it at a remote location?
          • Could you tell us the results of a speed test from speedtest.net at the location of the WDTV?


          Feel free to reply!


          Kind regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              The WDTV is at the same location as the slingbox on the same LAN.


              Speed test results from the site given are :

              Download : 5.4 Mbps (this is the slowest time of day, typically 8Mbps)

              Upload : 0.65 Mbps. Pretty standard throughout the day.


              I mentioned that other PC's/laptops can achieve uninterrupted HD streams from the same slingbox. They are also at the same location on the same LAN.

              I also mentioned that I can stream HD movies off a NAS to the WDTV and achieve uninterrupted HD viewing. Again, all on the same LAN.


              In the problem case (slingbox to WDTV using sling player), the only new element in the system compared to the proven working cases is the sling player software on the WDTV (I think). I am noting random pauses of up to 1-2 seconds and occasional jerkiness where the image appears to rewind a fraction of a second and then continue. All during the occurrence of such issues the live statistics on the WDTV are showing anywhere between 5-8 Mbps average stream rate. I note from the PC usage that this level is adequate for uninterrupted HD streaming.


              The on screen statistics for the sling player on the WDTV show that it is looking directly at the private IP address of the sling box assigned by the router (as I would hope). I realize that the external broadband internet connection is too slow for HD streaming at this location, however, I can't imagine why this would cause a problem in the case in question here as all components are on the LAN and the stream rate reported appears to be adequate.


              I suspect an issue in the sling player software on the WDTV. I have checked that all components have the latest software installed.

              The sling box is the newer 500 model. Is this fully supported by the sling player on the WDTV?

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                  Tyler.Sling Novice

                  Hello brentfleming,


                  Thanks for responding! We have found what is causing the issue. It seems you have insufficient bandwidth to stream in HD. I understand you are able to stream other things via WD TV without an issue. However, you would need at least 2 Mbps of upload speed for HD streaming with the Slingbox 500, on any device.


                  I would recommend contacting your ISP as you will need a bit more bandwidth to resolve this issue.


                  Below is a link to an page from Slingbox.com that shows what the minimum bandwidth requirements are for the Slingbox 500:



                  Have a great day!



                  The Sling Moderation Team

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                      I do not believe the following is the problem.


                      " However, you would need at least 2 Mbps of upload speed for HD streaming with the Slingbox 500, on any device."


                      I mentioned in my last post that I can stream HD to a PC from the slingbox on the same LAN with no problems. The stream rate is around 8Mbps and the image stable and clean. But I cannot obtain a stable image streaming to the WDTV from the same slingbox despite them all being on the same LAN.  If what you suggest was in fact the problem then streaming to the PC would not be possible either I expect.


                      I am not streaming to an external location and so the external bandwidth provided by the ISP should be irrelevant.

                      I also mentioned that the WDTV is reporting that it is achieving an 8Mbps stream (same as the PC's). So here is further evidence that the upload speed on the external network is not limiting the stream. If it was going out and back on the internet as you are suggesting then I would never achieve anywhere near the reported 8 Mbps as the internet upload limit is 0.6Mbps. Clearly the data is flowing adequately around the LAN as I would expect.

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                          Tyler.Sling Novice

                          Hello brentfleming,


                          Thanks for responding It may be that the Slingbox is using Internet Viewing when connecting to the WD TV, rather than LAN. I am almost positive if you had at least 2Mbps, you would not be experiencing this issue.


                          However, I can say that the upload speed you are getting is not sufficient for connecting remotely. You will experience alot of issues when connecting remotely if you do not have the 2Mbps of upload speed at the location of the Slingbox.


                          Have a great day!


                          Kind regards,

                          The Sling Moderation Team

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                              I do not think the WDTV is connecting to the slingbox using internet viewing.

                              The IP address of the slingbox as reported by the WDTV is the locally assigned IP address, not the routers public IP address.

                              Also, I am getting 8Mbps at the WDTV. Hence it is clearly not using internet viewing.


                              It would be a real disappointment to learn that in order to connect two devices on the same LAN it is necessary to have a fast external connection for some unfathomable reason. I would expect it to need an external connection for initial connections and establishment of the link perhaps, but after that I would expect a direct data transfer between the devices on the LAN. And this does appear to be happening as per the observations of the IP address above.


                              I believe there is some difference between what the PC web app does and what the WDTV sling player app does. Who develops the sling player app on the WDTV? Same developers as the PC web app?

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                            I'm Having same issue but im using my wd at remote location where the slingbox is connected i have 20mb dl and 5mb ul

                            at remote location i have 17mb dl and 5mb ul but still bad video how can i fix this?

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                        I'm with you on this one.


                        It seems like the moderator is pushing down the line of your Internet ISP speed being insufficient. although this is irrelevant if you are connecting locally...


                        Well it should be, but I have noticed that my WDTV connects over the Internet to my Slingbox which is on the same LAN.  If I look at the router monitor, I can see upload traffic from the slingbox, and download to the WDTV when in use.  If I use Slingplayer on an Iphone or on a PC then there is ZERO internet traffic.


                        I just purchased an HD-PRO specifically to stream to WDTV boxes (having had a standard Pro for many years since they were first launched).


                        So - I would surmise there is a problem with the WDTV code if on a local LAN.  Any chance to get this resolved?  The pro-HD will have to go back if not..

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                            Good info wilsodg. Nice to know. Confirms my observations exactly.

                            Clearly an implementation problem on the WDTV player app.

                            Question is why they chose to implement that spec.

                            Have Sling media put some restriction on how 3rd party developers can access the sling box?

                            Or did the WD TV app development team just make some bad choices?


                            Basically the WDTV and the sling box are useless for me. Lot's of money down the drain there.

                            I knew from the start that my internet connection speed was inadequate for external streaming.

                            I purchased the two as a means of place shifting inside my house.

                            Never dreamt the WDTV sling player would implement a spec like that.

                            Wanted a permanently installed set top box instead of having to have a dedicated PC to stream from the sling box.

                            Now it appears that such a solution simply doesn't exist...very disappointing....and surprising given the individual tech level on the components involved.


                            Can anyone from the WDTV sling app. development team explain anything here?

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                                OvCollyer Apprentice

                                I have a WDTV player and it streams within my LAN.


                                However sometimes, after it has been on a while, subsequent connections go out over the Internet and back in.


                                So it seems like it is a bug in the WDTV player as no other device/player has ever connected out and back in like that for me. Just the WDTV player.


                                They probably won't fix it though, going on past form.

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                                    Does anyone know of a set top box that can stream full HD from a slingbox 500 on the same LAN without such issues?

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                                      I thought that the WDTV code is produced by Sling, and is downloaded every time you start the app.


                                      I've also seen a number of issueswith google player  (acknowledged by Sling) with reports that they are trying to resolve - so be careful on that one.


                                      I will try resetting the box today and re-connecting.  I am UK based and have the BT 5 assigned IP addresses, but both the player and the slingbox are going to the same WAN ip, so I do not think it is likely that sling are thinking they are different WAN addresses (which might lead to external link).  I'll check the router logs later.


                                      All-in all, it's not a great solution.  I'd wanted to 'sling' sky-hd to the WD, but the sling-pro-HD has no HDMI (although my old sling-pro had it), and Sky has no component now (so another box to transform the signal).  And judging by what I have seen thus far, the S-P-HD will likely not sling true HD content over a local 1gb LAN, and even less likely that the WDTV box will be able to catch it.  The old Sling-pro was a much better box - if only they had written an app for that to run on newer hardware client devices.


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                                        I went through my router logs earlier.  Due to vagaries in my setup,  I discovered that occasionally the WDTV was showing as using a different WAN address to the Slingbox.  It seems that the WDTV client has to go to the SLING host to determine the IP address of the SlingBox, and if this is different (in any way) to the IP address of the WDTV box (i.e. the external WAN ip), then an external internet connection is established even though the WDTV box and the Slingbox might be on the same LAN.


                                        By contrast, the PC client seems able to look for the slingbox locally so uses a different mechanism.


                                        The conclusion of this is that I switched the slingboxes and the WDTV boxes to a WAN port with only one possible external IP address, and after a couple of restarts, it seems to have sorted itself.  On the WDTV slingplayer application, if you go to 'Slingbox Directory', under the slingbox listed it will indicate if it is 'Local' or Remote', together with a status.


                                        In terms of speed, I am seeing (for SD) a rate of 5~6mb/s on the WDTV, and 8.2mb/s on the PC.  Picture quality is poor.  Will see where we get to on a HD test tomorrow.

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                                            Further thoughts on my system here.


                                            My WDTV is reporting that it is connected to the local LAN address of the slingbox (not public) and is showing up to 8Mbps.

                                            Not all of that data could possibly be going out and back as the upload speed limit on my internet connection is around 0.6Mbps on a good day.

                                            Also, the connection type is showing as tcpLAN.


                                            I temporarily set up the WDTV to go through a VPN and connect back to the sling box from an external IP. In this case it couldn't stream anything, which is what I had expected given my poor upload speed limit. In addition, it showed the connection type as "Relay". I guess this means it is relaying the data from an external server, again, as expected.


                                            I don't think the problem I am looking at is due to the WDTV sending data out and back over the internet. (Unless it is sending just a part of the data or some control data..??). It looks like just a simple choppy playback issue.



                                            Wilsodg : I will be interested to hear your results on the HD test you mentioned.


                                            To anyone else reading this, I would be interested to know if anyone has ever achieved a smooth HD playback on WDTV (LAN or WAN).

                                            The WDTV plays HD perfectly when streaming off my NAS, but not off the slingbox, all on the same LAN. Why?

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                                                When you press the red button on the WD remote, what resolution does it say it is streaming?


                                                I am curious that if you are streaming just 8mb/s for HD, why mine would be streaming 6 - 8 mb/s for SD.


                                                I also get excellent HD when streaming off the NAS too.  I have a hunch that the problem is to do with the WD video playback being in firmware / microcode, whereas the Slingapp is using application code and therefore nowhere near as efficient.

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                                                    The WDTV auto selects 1 of 4 quality levels. The level it selects varies each time I start it, but usually one of the middle two levels, never the top. In constrast the web app on the PC always selects the top level and reports the stream rate as "Excellent".


                                                    By manually selecting the quality level I obtained the following results.


                                                    For the quality level "Best (HD)", it shows 1920x1080. This is the top level.

                                                    The average stream rate is anywhere between 4-10Mbps.

                                                    It depends on the image type it seems.

                                                    A dark movie scene was using only 4-6 Mbps but a rapidly changing sports scene was sitting on 8-10Mbps av. most of the time.


                                                    For the quality level "Better" (second best), it is showing 1280x540.

                                                    The average stream rate was 4-6Mbps for a fast moving sports image.


                                                    When I manually select the top level I usually get 1-2 minutes of perfect HD streaming and then it becomes glitchy and the indicated av. stream rate drops from 8-10 av. to 3-4 av and slower. It never recovers. A restart of the stream reestablishes the top level for another 1-2 minutes until inevitably the same glitchyness occurs.


                                                    I still have all the boxes sitting together connected to the home theatre system. I can thus switch easily between the direct feed from the satellite box (streaming HD through the pass thru on the sling box) and the WDTV feed into the home theatre system and directly compare the image and sound quality. When the WDTV is achieving 8-10Mbps I cannot distinguish a difference in quality between the two feeds...as I would hope.



                                                    I also note that the PC achieves the same stream rates for the top level but never has the glitches.

                                                    Given this and that the NAS gives perfect streaming thru the WDTV, it certainly looks like an issue in the WDTV sling player app.

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                                                        Thought I might add my experiences here too:


                                                        I have had my 500 for 9 months, and the WDtv for over a year.   Mine are both on the same LAN and have tons of capacity.  The absolute best "test speed" the WDtv reports on the LAN slingbox to player Lan test, is about 4.5 Mbps.   It will run a 720/540 screen just perfectly (code named "Best" quality in the signal test), but gets all stuttered at anything 1080.   My guess is the processing power of the WDtv (or the sling program inside) can't work fast enough to handle 1080.


                                                        The WDtv seems to operate internally very differently to the web based browser plugins. Watching the net traffic volumes on the same LAN, the browser sling plugin will use a very consistent max data rate of about 5 to 8 Mbps, regardless of picture state.   But the WDtv is very bursty.  It bursts up to 15mbps, and goes up and down in sync with the picture complexity / color changes.


                                                        It seems 720/540 is the best the WDtv can handle on the sling program - at least in its current form.


                                                        I tried a Neo:  piece of junk.  It has the same program as the WDtv, but was always sound and video out of synce by some random 2 seconds or more - unusable.




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                                            i just got my slingbox few days ago, and finaly i managed to set everything up yesterday. Just after setting everything up i tested the stream on my PC and was suprised how good quality was. But after turning my wdtv play and connecting it to slingbox i got really dissapointed. No matter what I do, i only get 1,8-1.9 Mbit connection between WDTV Play and Slingbox (wired connection- Ethernet). I'm streaming over wan with 7,5 Mbit Upload speed, and on the other side 75 Mbit Dowloaad speed. As earlier mentioned Watching slingbox on my PC is just fine - constant Bitrate between 4-6 Mbit (wlan).

                                            I must say that today I managed to stream one HD channel for about 30 minutes without any problems and glitches. After two channel changes slingplayer restarted the stream and was unable to establish a connection greater that 1.9 Mbit.


                                            I have WDTV Play and I didn't manage to find an option that will show me how good/bad streaming Bandwith is. As much as I'm sad that this is not working as I would lovi it to work, I'm glad that I'm not alone in this.


                                            It surely must be wdtv play application problem.

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                                                Is this across your LAN?  I'm not clear that is what you wrote.


                                                The WDTV slingplayer will auto detect the available speed, and it almost always gives a very low setting (240 or 480) - we need to override that.  Also it gets confused and sometimes and thinks it on a WAN, and connects you through a relay.  Red button - look to see if the sling player IP is on your network - typical 192.168.x.x.  If its some outside address, unplug the WDTV and let it restart.  Blue button, bottom row - quality (or something like that),  now you see 4 settings - they equal:  240, 480, 720, 1080(hd).  Manually set the 720 (3rd setting) - the WDTV can handle this.  If your keen try the hd, but my experience is the wdtv does not handle that setting well.

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                                                    Nope, sory for not being so clear.


                                                    Slingbox is in the same city but not in my appartment. I recently moved, and now I'm not able to set my own Satellite dish at my new appartment (I'm in Europe/Austria). So I placed my slingbox, together with my SAT Receiver, at my buddys house, and now I'm streaming my receiver to my new appartment. Our Internet connections are 75Mbit/7,5 Mbit each  (at the same provider and in the same city) - Tested the upload speed on multiple occasions, with results over 7 Mbit Upload speed. The connection is working.


                                                    So does the streaming on my PC, anr/or my tablets or phone, and the quality is great. What I'm avoiding is connecting my PC to my TV and because of that i bought WDTV play as advertised on slingbox HP. I have no problems with buying another device (Sony and netgear) but I'm reading that they are also not that perfect...


                                                    as I mentioned earlier I'managed to get WD to stream the video in goot quality for some 30 mins, and that gives me hope that it is possible, but i seems that something is blocking faaster conncetion than 1.9 Mbit.... It seems as if my WD connects to some slingbox server which is picking up my stream from my sling box, but I'm not 100% sure...


                                                    Didn't used Network monitoring stuff to see where my WD is actualy going yet. This is what I'm going to do today.


                                                    I already tested varous quality settings,(I have basic, good, better, and Best/Optimal) and saw that on 720p I get only like 25 frames/s, and on HD I get little bit more (soccer match wieving is much more enjoyable).


                                                    Ups I need to check port forwading one more time...Let me check this and get back to you with my results.

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                                                        What about opening the proper port at your friends house?  His router has to forward port 5201 (for the slinbox500 - different port for other models), up to the sling box.  He will also have to put a DHCP reservation to make the sb500 always take the same LAN IP number, so the port forward works.  You can check if your connected direct to him, or via some (slow) relay, with the red button and checking the IP again.


                                                        While you both have fast connections, there is no guarentee the ISP is actually going to let you actually use that amount of speed.  ISP's can be very sneaky with speed tests, while they probaly view the port 5201 as a "game" port, and it won't run anywhaere near the 7.5Mbps


                                                        The WDTV is very bursty, and seems to not have any buffering in place.  It fluctautes and bursts from 1 to 15mbps at the 720 setting.  It all depends on how the picture changes.  If you can only get 7.5mbps, then it will cut your stream off and stutter and stop at 720.  In contrast the web browser plugin seems to buffer nicely, and runs a consistent 3 to 6 Mbps, so that is a lot easier on your network.


                                                        I have the same problem as you - wrong side of the building for a sat dish. Mine is also located at a friends place, but I put in my own private radio link between us, and stream the data that way:  http://www.ubnt.com/airmax

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                                                            Port forwarding did the job...WD connects in 1-2 secs and picture is excelent - no glitches or anything... Even HD

                                                            Now the next thing - sound quality is a bit messy - not even 96 kbit I think. Doesn't matter what video quality i set.


                                                            Need to check audio quality on PC to see if its WD or Slingbox issue...

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                                                                OvCollyer Apprentice

                                                                I don't think it'll go above 96kbps, at least not significantly, it's just the upper limit Sling seem to have chosen for the stream.


                                                                It's long been requested on here that the bitrate given to audio should rise if the bandwidth is available. I think when the new Slingboxes were first released it was even lower - 64kbps.


                                                                64-96kbps makes sense if your video is streaming at 500k or below something, as you understandably don't want it to eat into the bandwidth available for the video, but it's a bit silly if you're streaming in HD at 4mbps+ and still only get 96kbps.


                                                                It should rise proportionally to about 192kbps in my opinion.


                                                                Something like this:


                                                                video 0-1mbps, audio 96kbps

                                                                video 1mbps-2mbps, audio 128kbps

                                                                video 2mbps-3mbps, audio 160kbps

                                                                video 3mbps+, audio 192kbps


                                                                The only exception might be the "Audio only" playback setting (I think that might be iOS players only?) where it should work differently. Unless I imagined that option exists.

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                                                                    I agree, I managed to make it a bit better by enabling Something like "Digital audio HDMI pass through" in WD TV A/V Settings... I lost the hissing noise and audio is a bit better.

                                                                    I needed to adjust my equiliser a little bit, because low tones ans bass was almost non existant.

                                                                    What I also noticed that Slingbox or WD Slingplayer has some sort of noise reduction (bandwidth savings i guess) so if the background sound in my video stream was not that "loud" it would jut be cut off.


                                                                    I'm still to test audio quality on WEB (PC) stream.


                                                                    What I also noticed is that sometimes audio and video are out of sync (300-500 ms). It would be a nice feature to be able to correct out of Sync problems in Slingplayer.


                                                                    But overal I think my Video quality problem is solved with 5201 port opening/forwarding (everybody with an issue should forward their 5001 /5201 port to their Slingbox Internal IP address.


                                                                    Audio quality is another topic .


                                                                    Thank you all for your help and suggestions, and se you in some audio topic :D.

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                                                          I just want to add myself to the list of people having probles with the speed of the WDTV Slingplayer app on a local LAN.


                                                          I have a 1Gb local hardwire LAN and the WDTV will not do well (as others have reported) in HD mode. PCs have no problems. This has been going on for a while. I sure with Slingplayer would fix the app.

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                                                            I think non of the Slingbox are Gigabit ready. Wish once they release a new product that it would be Gigabit ready. 

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                                                                OvCollyer Apprentice

                                                                You don't need your Slingbox to be Gigabit ready.


                                                                It streams at a maximum of about 8mbits - that's not even close to a 100mb LAN.


                                                                Even broadcast TV is only 12-15mbit maximum for a HD channel.


                                                                The problem here is the poor performance of the WDTV player application.

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                                                                    I'm still plagued by the terrible WD TV Slingbox app. It really gives the slingbox a BAD name and reputation.


                                                                    Here's my configuration:


                                                                    Slingbox500, connected to my cable TV box via component cables.

                                                                    Hardware 1GB Cat5E to my Netgear R7000 AC1900 Smart router.

                                                                    HDMI connection to the Television.

                                                                    FIOS internet connection, 30 Mb/s down link, 15 Mb/s uplink



                                                                    To be sure, I even setup QOS on my router and gave the Slingbox the highest priority.

                                                                    I also setup port forwarding, just in case it might help.


                                                                    If I install the WD TV inside my network here at home, no matter if hardwired gigabit LAN nor WiFi connection it won't automatically select BEST quality (1920/1080).


                                                                    If I force it to use BEST quality, it will often pause and skip.


                                                                    A PC located on the SAME network works perfectly at BEST quality as does my Android Cell phone app.

                                                                    Additionally, the WD TV does not work well remotely (outside of my network).


                                                                    When the WD TV is located about 60 miles away on my boat. There we have 15 Mb/s downlnk, 8 Mb/s uplink (should be plenty of bandwidth) cable internet connection, the WD TV will often pause, (which I can understand due to internet issues), but the WORSE thing is when the pause ends and the video starts playing again, the Audio is OUT OF SYNC with the Video! It's almost like the audio is 1 second ahead (sometimes more) than the video.


                                                                    The only way to cure this is to switch the video quality down, and then back up again (or up and down again) to force a resync of the audio and video. This happens multiple times during a 30 minute perioud.


                                                                    This is unacceptable to me. When I invite guests on my boat, they see it too and complain.

                                                                    A PC (or my Android cell phone) with the slingplayer app on the same network does not show any of these same symptoms (sound out of sync with the video after a pause.


                                                                    As a test, just this week I purchased the newest version of the WD TV to see if they fixed these issues (bandwidth inside of my home network and sound of of sync outside of my home network) and the newest version (the one with mirracast) has the SAME issues. So clearly this is an issue with the Slingplayer app inside of the WD TV box.


                                                                    It sure is giving Sling a bad reputation.


                                                                    If I could, I'd try some other slingplayer hardware, such as Roku, etc. But I think the local big box store won't put up with me purchasing and returning so many boxes.

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                                                                        LMAO FIOS sucks. Swith to Comcast and get faster speed lol.



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                                                                          Well, I decided to purchase a NetGear NeoTV 300 SL as it was on a sale.


                                                                          I have given it a try. It seems better at not losing video sync with voices than the WD TV box. so to me, this confirms that the version of the SlingPlayer app in the WD TV media player is broken, but it has other problems in that it will often freeze and lockup when using the SlingPlayer app.


                                                                          It also didn't do any better in performance when in a local LAN setting via WiFi.


                                                                          If someone can reccomend the best SlingPlayer device for remote use, please provide your details. At this point, I can't recommend either the WD TV nor the Netgear NeoTV to someone that can't put up with the loss of voice sync and the lockups.


                                                                          Note that my android phone works much better (as does a PC using the SlingPlayer app) when using the same networks.


                                                                          Please no more 'Comcast vs FIOS' comments, we're not discussing internet providers here, but discussing issues with the SlingPlayer for devices application.

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                                                                              I have both the WD Live and Neo boxes.  For me, the Neo box works a little better, except the voice is almost always out ouf sync with the video.  That makes it useless.  I keep using the WD live, and have found that unplugging the power after every use, thereby forcing a fresh reboot, helps keep it running OK.  It runs at 720p without issues.

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                                                                                  Thanks for your reply. Are you using these boxes remotely, outside of your home network? Or are they inside and connected to your home network either via hardware or WiFi?


                                                                                  I'm using them remotely, over the net, about 70 miles from my home.


                                                                                  It's interesting that I see better voice sync with the NeoTV box, but you find better results with the WD box.

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                                                                                      Port Forwarding solution that has  already been suggested and verified on another thread describing the same problems REALLY WORKS! I  Had the same problem as others on this thread and went mad trying to figure it out  with all the same symptoms of everything working perfectly EXCEPT the WD  connected device.  The solution was already stated earlier in another  thread.  Port Forwading solved the problem and now all is well and in HD  with no hiccups on my WD, just like before.


                                                                                      To state again:

                                                                                      PLEASE TRY PORT FORWADING FOR THE SLING DEVICE (for Slingbox 500, it is port 5201).  IT REALLY WORKS!


                                                                                      You  can Google how to forward a port for a device and for your specific  router.   The routers made in the last several years do have a fairly  intuitive way to do this so that casual PC users may be able to do it,  but each routher is different.  I am no network person, but I was able  to figure it out on my router along with basic info I researched on some  specifics for my particual router.  Truly NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL.  It  just that most users never need to do it, so it seems overwhemling or too techy to do.  If you stll feel too imtimidated to do it yourseflf, you  can also get a family member or friend who know more about computers and  routers to port forward for you (even the slightest geeky person can  and probably has done port forwarding on their router), or, if you are  really scared or afraid to mess things up, you could even pay a service  like Geek Squad to do it for you, although I encourage you to get a  family member or freind or DIY because it does save money compared to  Geek Squad charges.


                                                                                      I should add that after you port forward and connect for the first time, you may have to force (select) the BEST HD option on the device, and then it will pop into great HD with NO PROBLEMS.  At least that was my experience.


                                                                                      Be  aware that the port number is different for different generations of  Slingboxes.  Click on the link below for more on Slingbox port numbers  that can be used.



                                                                          • Re: Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.

                                                                            Hi ACC5695720


                                                                            Are you writing this, excusing  that Slingplayer is doing nothing?


                                                                            Why do I suddenly need to open ports on my router only when I'm streaming to WD - it isn't necessary using an ordinary PC or I-pad!


                                                                            It wasn't necessary until one of the last firmware-updates so why not change the firmware back again, so everything can work again.



                                                                            • Re: Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.

                                                                              Dear ACC5695720


                                                                              Since I do not think your post shall stand alone, I also write my post here on this thread.


                                                                              I AM able to open ports on my router, but there is no other living in my house, where the Slingbox is standing, when I'm in Spain, and the router is a professional router - Linksys DFL-210 - which is not easy to program, and In addition: I do not want others "into it".


                                                                              Do you know there is a risk the Slingbox change IP-address if there is a power-loss, and when you can't define your box's IP-address yourself the port no longer suited to the new IP-address.


                                                                              Therefore: something has to be changed from SlingPlayer, either one must be able to set a static IP address at the Slingbox, or Slinplayer must get the system up running again so all the users, who suddenly have got this problems, is'nt needed - with or without help - to program their hardware.


                                                                              Have unfortunately too recommended friends in the UK to acquire the system with a WD-box and a Slingbox transmitting from the UK (I myself live in Denmark), and we where of course expecting  that the system would continue operating.



                                                                                • Re: Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.



                                                                                  Within your home network, all ports are visible to all other devices, and it all works - no port fidling needed.   If your Sling Player device is outside the home net, and traffic passes through a NAT router (dsl/cable router), then you must open ports (port forward) to get a direct connection between slingbox and player (port 5200 for a SB500).  You also have to force the sling box to a known IP address within the LAN, so that port forwarding goes to where its intended.  You do that by setting a reserved IP to MAC value of the SlingBox in the DHCP table in the router.


                                                                                  When outside the home net, and without the port forward, the traffic is relayed through a third IP somewhere, and the quality will always be low resoultion.

                                                                                    • Re: Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.
                                                                                      OvCollyer Apprentice

                                                                                      That's true and in my opinion it's the best way to set things up, however if a router supports UPnP it shouldn't really be necessary as all the port forwarding should be setup automatically without you having to do anything.


                                                                                      But I always turn off UPnP as it isn't always reliable on every router my experience so better to do as you describe and use DHCP reservation to fix an IP address and manually forward the port to it.

                                                                                        • Re: Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.

                                                                                          I forgot about UPnP as being necessary for this to work, which is why is

                                                                                          may have not worked for others. There are quite a few people out there

                                                                                          who are still using old routers or routers that are not very intuitive,

                                                                                          but yes, on the modern routers, one actions can initiate other necessary

                                                                                          actions. In my port forward it prompted for allowing to initiate UPnP,

                                                                                          and it automatically put the Slingbox on static IP.  A lot of routers

                                                                                          won't do that for many people out there.  I'm aware of security risks

                                                                                          with UPnP, but for now, I'm OK with it.  Further, I think the WD app for

                                                                                          Sling is so jacked up that it is behaving in a manner that not even

                                                                                          expert users expected.  Someone had a great post who really explained it

                                                                                          all, and it all made sense.  I know that strikes in France and the rest

                                                                                          of Europe has tremendous power to change things, but that is not the

                                                                                          case with tech companies and certainly not Sling, owned by Echostar and

                                                                                          its chintzy Chariman of the Board Charles Ergen, but some posters can't

                                                                                          understand that. There is no pressure we can put on Sling that is less

                                                                                          expensive than having us move on to the Roku for the only supported

                                                                                          connected device, and WD cares eve LESS.  There is no monthly fee and

                                                                                          Sling and WD already have our money.  Now, we have to decide if we want

                                                                                          to invest in Roku, but only for 350, 500, and M1, I don't think the

                                                                                          legacy Slingboxes will work with the new Roku app.  Sling will say for

                                                                                          us to by one of the latest gen boxes, not fix legacy, and I think WD and

                                                                                          all other past connected devices are LEGACY in Sling's eyes.

                                                                                      • Re: Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.
                                                                                        OvCollyer Apprentice



                                                                                        I have a Slingbox in an unattended location in the UK and after years of using the various Slingboxes and players etc I would strongly recommend the following:


                                                                                        - provide remote administration access to your router and familiarise yourself with how your router works

                                                                                        - setup a fixed IP address using DHCP reservation and port forwarding as described in the posts below

                                                                                        - install an IP power switch (Belkin Wemo or something like that) so you can remotely reboot the Slingbox

                                                                                        - have a spare low-spec PC on the LAN that you can remote login to if you need to further diagnose issues


                                                                                        Since I can be away from my Slingbox for up to 6 months I also have a secondary remote power switch operated by SMS which will reboot everything including the router if I want, as if the router needs a reboot the IP power switch may not work since it relies on a working router.



                                                                                        While you may be lucky and just plug in your SB and leave the location for months without issues I'd strongly suggest at least the first three of the steps above. I've yet to come across a problem that I haven't been able to remotely solve - the only thing that wouldn't be possible would be if your Slingbox needed a hard reset (I haven't found a robot arm to do that yet )



                                                                                      • Re: Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.

                                                                                        Hi all you geeks


                                                                                        I would suggest you not only come up with all these solutions requiring technical knowledge and programming.

                                                                                        Most of the people who have bought the combination of a Slingbox and a WD are users, which bought the TV-system because it worked!

                                                                                        Now it works no more, and the only thing they now expect from the manufacturers is, that they will get it work again.

                                                                                        All your proposals - which requires more or less technical knowledge - just give SlingPlayer and WD an excuse for not immediately to get it up running again.

                                                                                        Once again I would suggest you to help pressuring SlingPlayer to get that system - users have paid for - work again!



                                                                                          • Re: Gigabit LAN but still can't get good resolution.
                                                                                            OvCollyer Apprentice

                                                                                            You're right of course, Bjarne, but they have a history of not addressing problems with their player software, especially on the 'connected devices' such as the WDTV streamers.


                                                                                            Many people have reported issues with the WDTV player since it was released a couple of years ago (or whenever it was) and they've rarely if ever updated the player on the WDTV box. As a result I long since abandoned this as a reliable method of watching my Slingbox.


                                                                                            I suspect they see it as a legacy product now, judging from the fact the they've not bothered to make it work with the new Slingbox M1.


                                                                                            I hope you get an update or result from them - I assume you've gone through the proper support channels of both WDTV and Sling and not just posted on these forums, which are essentially just user-to-user forums?