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    Problem watching Slingbox on a multi-monitor system with Chrome


      It runs fine. What I do is I open up Slingbox in its own window and move it to another monitor.  I then double click the picture to make it fullscreen.  When I make it fullscreen the mouse disappears while in my main Chrome window.  If I go anywhere else the mouse is visible, it is only invisible in Chrome and only when Slingbox is playing full screen within a single monitor.    


      Any ideas?

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello Milkman00,


          Thanks for posting in the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are losing your mouse when using full screen with Google Chrome. We attempted to reproduce this issue in our lab but could not. When using the Web SlingPlayer in Google Chrome, the mouse should not disappear when going into full screen mode. If you let the mouse sit for a while, it will disappear, however, it comes back after just moving the mouse.


          Have you tried any other browsers on your computer to see if it is only an issue with Google Chrome? If you have, and it is an issue with Chrome, it may be resolved by uninstalling/resinstalling the browser. Also, what operating system is your computer running on?


          Hope this helps!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              It happens in all browsers and even with the latest itteration of the web slingplayer.  I am running Win 7 x64.  To ensure you are recreating it right, here are the steps:


              • Open Slingplayer in a broswer window.  Maximize the browser window (not the video in the browser window) in a monitor of your choosing.
              • Make sure that the remote control is turned on.
              • Open another window (not tab) of that same browser.  Maximize that browser and move it to a different window from Slingbox.
              • Now Double click the video of the Slingbox in the first browser
              • When you do this the video will be full screen shared with your remote control.  All will be ok while the remote control is shown.
              • After 5 seconds or so the remote control disappears and the video truly goes full screen.  At this point the mouse will not be visable in the other instance of the internet browser, (but will be everywhere else).
              • If you go back to the slingbox window, the remote control will automatically reappear and while that remote is up the mouse is fine.  It isn't until the remote disappears that the mouse disappears.
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              I'm having this exact same issue. When I use slingbox with dual monitors, full screened in one monitor, the mouse pointer disappears in the 2nd monitor only. So I can see the mouse over the video feed, but when I move it to the second monitor just running a normal instance of Chrome, the mouse disappears after 2 seconds. If I move it back to the video feed, then back to Chrome, I regain the mouse for another 2 seconds. It is insanely infuriating, and any response at all would be great.

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                Here is how I solved this issue.  I talked to SB  support and they had no suggestions on how to fix it and also said I was the first to complain about it. (haha)


                I have 3 monitors in my multi-monitor windows 7 configuration.  The issue occurs when viewing SB in full screen mode.


                What I did is watch SB in Internet Explorer and then don't use IE for anything else.  When I need to use a browser, I then used Chrome thereafter.


                You simply dedicate a browser type to watching SB and don't use that type again.  I also tried the reverse; watching SB in Chrome and then using IE after that; that worked just as well.


                Good luck.