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    I am having a buzzing sound


      when I use av I don't have the problem but when I use the componet side for high def it makes a buzzing sound anyone know how to solve the issue

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello ussoldier73,


          Thanks for posting in the forums! I'm sorry hear you are getting buzzing audio when using component. I understand it works fine when using Red, yellow and white. Which is strange being that both inputs use the same audio cables.


          I would recommend connecting component and the audio cables from your cable box to your television. You will want to ensure your television is set to the correct Component input. If you do not get the same results on the television, it is an issue with the Slingbox. If that is the case, I recommend contacting Sling Media support.


          Below is a link to an article from our support site that explains how you can contact us:



          Hope this helps!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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            Buzzing or 60Hz buzz/hum may indicate a defective cable or connector on the cable itself or the audio input

            often remediated by wiggling or moving the cable / connectors etc. If that is infact the case, pretty easy to fix.

            Repl. the cable & try it. If not but the wiggling shows some affect, you may have 'cold' solder joint on the pcb

            requiring re-soldering. You want to rule out electro-mechanical connection failure b4 breakin out the soldering



            Is it unique to 1 audio channel or both? If it's unique to both, and the 'wiggling' of connections doesn't helpk

            that would lead me to suspect a systemic component problem.


            I've read that some of the electrolytic capacitors have been known to fail in these units exhibiting different

            behavior, but may be of some help to you.

            See this link: http://http://placeshiftingenthusiasts.com/slingbox-solo-freezing-stuck-optimizing-losing-connection-check-the-capacitors/


            Typically caps are used to filter the DC supply voltage and when they fail in audio amp power supplies that

            get their power for an rectified AC source they will produce distinctive 60Hz buzz or hum.


            I have replaced many a cap in my day as they fail with age.


            Hope this helps or provides some direction.