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    Wrong aspect ratio + Missing menu options




      I just got a WD TV box solely to replace my defunct SlingCatcher. In the mean time I used the SlingPlayer desktop application, which worked fine, but I decided to go for whatever box would connect to my SlingBox, since I felt that a computer or a tablet could not provide the same experience as a real TV.


      I have a problem with SlingPlayer on the WD TV: the image is stretched, as it looks high and narrow. [I did not have this issue by the time I was using the SlingCatcher].

      I cannot fix this from the SlingPlayer App, because my  menu has only three functions: Quality, Sources and Disconnect and it doesn't display Guide, DVR, Zoom and Aspect.


      My first solution was  to use the TV's “16:9” button to correct the proportions. It kind of worked, but the image was small - less than 80% of the screen, and lost half inch at the bottom.

      Last thing I tried before contacting the Sling's support was to set the aspect ratio by using the WD TV menu [Setup → Audio/Video Output → Aspect Ratio: Normal], but it didn’t make any difference.


      The answer I got from Sling support [case #00739885] was " Unfortunately using coax only provides you very basic functions.".

      If this is the case, I find the WD TV Sling Player App pretty disappointing, as the desktop version and the SlingCatcher box don't have this limitation. Also, the Sling's website doesn't say anything about this.


      I wonder, is it anything else I can do to get a correct image?




      [tech. info: The SlingBox gets TV signal through a coax cable, and my TV is connected to the WD TV through the component cable. The TV has a 4:3 display ratio.] 

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          Same problem here, at least you got a bit of an expanation, which I have been waiting for for over 2 months > COAX only apparently is a problem. I suggested this to customer service but never got this confirmed so I didn't bother buying a set top box because I wasn't sure this would solve the problem.


          Will go and buy a set top box now and hope that this will give me full screen viewing (for whatever reason at all this works on EVERY other app except for WDTV/connected devices....Maybe because it's 'free' software, although people only buy new WDTVs for the slingplayer....)


          Nevertheless I would also get a statement from the company as to WHY really there is an easily solvable problem with this software that is known and just doesn't get fixed...