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    Invalid email or password


      Keep getting this message when trying to log on having purchased slingplayer for android today. Log- in still fine on computer and iphone? Galaxy s4 and HTC phones both running 4.2.1.

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello ACC241060,


          Thank you for using the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are unable to login to your Sling Account via Android Phone. However, if it is giving you that message, it is because the email or password is incorrect. With that being said, I am under the assumption you are able to login on other devices, because it is already logged into your account, and you do not have to sign in at all.


          There is a way to reset your password. This is done by logging out on your PC, then hitting login. After hitting login, it will have you enter your email and password. Below that, is an option that says Forgot password? Reset. This is where you will follow the steps to reset your password.


          Hope this helps!


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          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Nothing wrong with either of login details but now seems to have started working having let me log in after a few hours!? A puzzle.thanks for the quick response anyway cheers.

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                I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Slingplayer for phones app that I downloaded on it keeps saying that my password is invalid. This error occurs after I attempt to connect to my sling box. The confusing thing about it is that I do not get an error when I use that same password to log into the app. Also, your advice to change my password on the app does not apply because the app does not allow for me to edit my account.

                Thank you for you're help.