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    Dish Anywhere app with SB Classic and VIP622?


      I have a Slingbox Classic and a VIP 622.  Currently I run the Dish Remote Access app v. 1.4 on my Android (Jellybean 4.1.1) phone.  It works great (except for the channel up/down button), but now there is a new version of the app called Dish Anywhere.  I am afraid that updating it will break my unsupported but functioning configuration.


      Is there anyone else with this same configuration that has tried Dish Anywhere?  Does it work?

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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hi 255909051669031,


          It's good to hear that your Slingbox is functioning okay at this point! As you know, the Dish Anywhere application isn't meant to be used with the Slingboxes in the first place so the fact that your setup is working right now is a feat in and of itself! On the matter of updating the app and having it still be functional, we cannot guarantee that it will work since it isn't currently supported at this time.


          Best Wishes and Hope it works!


          The Slingbox Moderation Team