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    PC not connect to SlingBox


      Hi guys,

      how r u?

      I need your help!!


      Currently I trying to connect the SlingPlayer installed on my notebook to the SlingBox, but there is a connection problem and I hope u can suggest me some workaround.


      As I understand I should be connect the SlingBox on public ip, via DHCP. I realized this, via a Cisco switch Catalyst 2950  on which I configured a DHCP server pool to reserve the ip address to specific MAC address, such as the SlingBox SOLO and seeing debug I'm sure that the reserved ip address are been assigned to SlingBox device.

      On one more switch port I connected the Pc Client notebook on which I have installed the SlingPlayer application.

      Obviously both of them r connected to the same network.


      Unfortunately, when I run the SilngBox Player from my laptop and this searches the SlingBox,  there is a connection issue and doesn’t find it.


      Have u any idea?!

      It’s possible that some older configurations are remained in SlingBox device, even if I resetted it?!

      In which way the SlingPlayer searches the SlingBox, it could be an issue related some port to open or something like this?!


      Please, let me know your point of view about above issues.


      Thanks in advance,