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    No audio on slingbox with composite inputs


      I configured my new slingbox 500 with composite and hdmi, but i have no sound on the composite inputs.  i double checked that the audio out plugs were used on my cable bos and audio in were used on the slingbox.  i have sound on the hdmi input, but several channels have no picture and i'm sure it's a copywrite issue.


      I have a loud hum for sound when connected to the composite input, but that's all.

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          The humm is gone, but i have very faint audio.  Any ideas?  Is it a faulty slingbox?

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            Raushawd Novice

            Hello jdickey


            I can certainly appreciate how this can be more than an annoying situation for you. I would like to take this time to thank you for positing on the Sling Media Answers Forum. First I did want to clarify what cords are currently being used sir. Are they Red-Yellow-White(Composite) or Red-Green-Blue-Red-White(Component). I am aware as per you post that you are also using HDMI out to the Slingbox and then passing the signal to the tv. Have you tried running component cables directly from the cable box to the TV to see if you have audio? Also what input is configured on watch.slingbox.com? Here is A helpful articles to hopefully assist with this issue:


            Slingbox Audio Issues Basic Troubleshooting





            Hope This Helps

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