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    slingbox killing my internet connection


      I have been running slingbox for a while ,but didn't use it from end march until last week.When I did my internet connection where the slingbox is becomes appalling.With slingbox not strea,ming i am running at a ping of about 5,a d/l of 100mb and upload of 5mb.

      Immediately upon starting a stream my ping goes up to 250,my d/l between 3-4mb and my upload below 1 mb .


      Without fail I am running at correct speeds with slingbox not running ,but the second I run it I get the same results,any advice appreciated

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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hi bentleybarry,


          Sorry to hear that you're having such a drastic drop in connection speeds when using the Slingbox! Generally when you see the speed drop when you activate a certain service, your Internet Service Provider may be "throttling" or funneling some of the signal away. Might I ask who your Internet Service Provider is and if you know of them having any "throttling" practice?


          We await your reply,


          The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              I am with virgin media,100 mb service,and I dont think it has anything to do with throttling.After a process of elimination I am left with 2 scenarios.


              1) regardless of what I am running if slingbox runs my service is crippled


              2) regardless of what I am running if slingbox is not running my service is fine


              I have a 100mb d/l and 5 mb upload and these are reached consistenlty when slingbox is not running,when I turn on slingbox it is like a magic switch and I am getting 10% of the internet service.

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                  Tyler.Sling Novice

                  Hello bentleybarry,


                  Thanks for responding! I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. However, the highest amount of bandwidth used by the Slingbox, would be 2Mbps. And that is for HD streaming with the Slingbox 350 or 500. It should not be causing you to loose this much bandwidth. We have seen this issue happen when there is a "cap" on your network or it is being "throttled".


                  I would recommend contacting your ISP to verify this, as the Slingbox would not take up nearly as much bandwidth. If this is the case, you should be seeing a very high bit rate when streaming.


                  Hope this helps!


                  Best regards,

                  The Sling Moderation Team