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    Why Wont Sligbox Admit Their Error???????


      There have been so many reported Solo units all showing the exact same issue since the recent firmware update.

      Power light but no network light and trying to reset does nothing.


      We have all tried the reset, nothing.

      All tried a new cable, nothing (A cable that hasnt been moved does not go faulty!)

      Power supply. I have tested these. Voltage is there, ampage is there (And for Sling to say they dont know how to test ampage is really a joke)


      All the device all failed on the same day! Unless these devices are telepathic to each other, it can only be the firmware.

      Now two possible reasons for this:


      1. A mistake (OK everyone makes mistakes. Admit it and fix it)
      2. A deliberate act to con customers. (Cause all old units to fail in the hope customers will go out and buy more units)


      And to charge customers to help them with an issue they have caused is nothing short of criminal!


      If point 2 above is proven, the company can be taken to court for millions!!!!!

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          I just finished speaking to a "floor supervisor" at slingbox and he refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem with an update. He said that the forums are moderated by engineering people and that if there was a problem with an update they would have responded. He also said that there are millions of Slingboxes out there and that if there was a problem with the updates that there would have been hundreds or thousands of calls and complaints and that they aren't seeing this. I also asked him why knowbody from Slingbox had bothered to reply to my initial posting.


          I responded that there were many complaints on this forum and that there were probably many more users that have the problem and don't bother calling, or dont use the device that often and maybe haven yet realized that there is a problem.  I also told him that I had a feeling that some of the postings had been removed from the forum.


          In the end, Slingbox is refusing to acknowledge that there is a problem. I will NEVER buy another Slingbox again, and would appreciate any suggestions for an alternative to this device.