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    Slingbox Solo. Can't connect on computer but can on iPad?


      So I just moved and got new cable boxes so I tried to go through the setup process to see if I can reconfigure the remote control for my slingplayer.  However I have tried several times over the past couple of days to go through the setup process on internet explorer and it fails every time to connect.


      The odd thing is that I can connect via my ipad and watch tv perfectly so I know the box is hooked up properly and that my router is working. I can't figure out the reason why i cant connect via my laptop. I know that my download speeds are somewhat slower on my laptop (virus?) but other than that I don't know why it won't let me connect to the slingbox.


      Any suggestions? I need to setup my new remote control (Xfinity X1) and i don't know how else to do it.