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    netgear neo slingplayer app


      Is anyone else having issues with the slingplayer app for the neo tv device?  It is so slow it is nearly unusable.  Selecting a program from the DVR took forever, fast forwarding through the game that had gone to OT was a feat that required multiple repeats.  I finally gave up and got the program running on the computer, then cuught up with it again on the TV.


      I had a slingcatcher before but it died.  The remote control features of it worked much better.  This app really needs an update.  I wouldn't recommend it.



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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          A common problem with the Slingplayer for Connected devices, I'm afraid.


          If you check the WDTV forum you'll see similar reports, including from myself, dating back maybe a year now.


          I can only assume Sling don't care enough about this version of the Slingplayer to do anything about it.


          Occasionally, if you're lucky, you'll get matt.sling or someone promising to get it looked at, but nothing ever seems to come of it. Probably because it's a free app they don't feel obliged to give it a certain level of polish.