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    network light flashes then blank, can't connect to network


      Hi all, thanks for any help. I have been happily connected to my slingbox pro for years until recently and now it won't connect to my internal network. The network light will not stay lit. I've tried everything and resorted to a factory reset with the same results.


      I've tried different routers (at work and at home) . . . the slingbox tries to grab an IP via DHCP but then loses it. Is this a hardware issue? Or a power supply issue I've read about? I have contacted support but of course they want the $29.99 fee to help.


      If I could connect to the slingbox I would try to install firmware - is there any way to do this by directly connecting the network cable to the computer? It does get an IP address (the windows assigned kind) but I don't know where to go from there.


      I love my slingbox - please help!



      Noblesville, Indiana

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Marty,



          I really need to get down to your town and check out the train museum, maybe take the pizza ride.



          If you're getting a solid power light along with the other things you noted in your description-- and you're certain that it doesn't respond to a hard reset-- I'd suggest replacing the power supply.


          It certainly could be something else including internal hardware failure, but if it can't sort out it's network settings with a hard reset you're basically stuck.



          Before you run out and pick up a new power supply, try connecting your Sling Pro directly to your computer via ethernet.  Then do a hard reset exactly like this:


          From a powered-on state, poke and hold the reset button for about five seconds.  The lights will flash fast then slowly, keep holding.  When you get to slow blinking, let go.  The Slingbox will take about 30 seconds to restart.  The hard reset is complete and successful if you get a solid power and network light.  Note any differences from what I just described.



          If that fails, it's likely you have either a bad PS or an internal hardware failure.  Have a look at this thread for details on what kind of PS you need and where to get it:






          [Update] As far as firmware goes, the only way I know of to do that is to let the setup assistant handle it automatically.  I don't think you have a firmware problem though.  When I've seen issues where firmware is the suspect, the Slingbox still responds to hard resets and you can get in to configure it.  If fairness, I've only seen a couple firmware problems though.  If you want to fiddle with that, you'll need help from someone else who knows more than I do, that's over my head.   



          Hope this helps, good luck !


          - Az


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              Thanks for the great reply - here's exactly what happened:


              Connected via ethernet to computer. Power supply plugged in. Held down reset until fast flashing turns to slow. Released.


              Both the network light and the light in the center of the unit flashed slowly and alternately for about 30 seconds, then the same lights paused, then flashed five times at a higher rate. Then the both lights went out (no flashing). Of course the power light stayed lit and solid.


              Again, I appreciate your comments, I think at this point I'll try ordering a new power supply and see what happens.

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                  eferz Expert

                  Have you tried a known working Ethernet Cable?  or tested the one you're currently using with the Slingbox?


                  I once spent an entire hour over the phone trying to troubleshoot network problems with my parents before realizing they were using a cross-over ethernet cable.  Sometimes, it comes down to the simple things.

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                    ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                    Hi MartT,



                    Thanks for the follow-up report on the blinking lights.  It seems like the hard reset was successful, but your Slingbox is still having problems.


                    Blinking Sling light normally means "I'm not configured yet", blinking network light normally means "I'm looking for your router so I can ask for an IP address".  When they go dark leaving you with only a power light, the Sling light has finished it's message to you and the network light couldn't obtain an IP and timed out.


                    If you're curious, here's brief list explaining blinking light behavior:



                    Both of those conditions are expected after a hard reset because it clears all configuration settings in your Slingbox.  What is not right is that the Slingbox should have made a connection to the router and grabbed an IP leaving you with two solid lights.


                    All of this assumes your Slingbox is in proper working order and there's nothing wrong with your network.



                    eferz makes a very good point regarding the ethernet cable- that could certainly do it and it's worth checking out.  I didn't mention that because you have previously tried with two different routers (work/home).  In retrospect, that was a bad assumption on my part because if the ethernet cable at home failed and you tried from work without doing a hard reset, it's not surprising the test failed.



                    Check your ethernet cable.  If it's verified working and you still don't get results, try connecting your Slingbox directly to your computer via ethernet and do another hard reset.  You're looking for a solid network and power light.  Once you have those, you should be able to go in with the setup assistant and take it from there.


                    Aside from these suggestions, I can't think of any other relevant troubleshooting steps and you should start considering a hardware failure beginning with the power supply.



                    Good luck !


                    - Az

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                    I recently upgraded to a Pro HD from an older Slingbox.  Instead of using the power supply that came with my Pro HD, I just used the one from my old Slingbox, assuming they were the same. Everything worked fine for months.  But a few days ago, my network light started blinking.  I tried resetting and unplugging everything, including my router, but nothing worked.  After reading this forum, I decided I would use the power supply that came with my Pro HD.  When I unplugged the old power supply, I found it to be hot, not warm, hot, **** hot!  I swapped it for the newer power supply and now everything seems to be working.  I feel fortunate I didn't burn down my house!

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                    I had the same problem today - for about 3 hours it couldn't get an IP from the router, just blink, blink, blink.  I reset the router, the slingbox, swapped cables, did a hard reset - no good.  I had unplugged the barrel plug from the back of the slingbox and nothing changed, but the first time I unplugged the adapter from the outlet and plugged back in, it worked like a charm.  What is the deal with the power supply on these things?  I'm not a EE but this seems to defy explanation.



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                      I got exactly same problem. No network light lit after power on 5 time flashs and no connection.


                      After I switch my 5V, 2000mA, my slingbox pro is back to work.

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                        I have the same problem

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                          Just to let you know I fixed this problem by uninstalling the software and then re-installing using the software disc that came with the box.During this setup the programme carried out a firmware update (I thought I was up to date on this but not sure this was the problem??).Anyway,the network light (after much blinking) illuminated steady and the box works.This is an out of date software set but I read somewhere that because of encryption problems this older software gives a better picture.I can confirm this-the lettering is much clearer.So now using firmware version 1.0.10 - 11/24/2006 and slingplayer software and have a player that works.I'm not an expert on this but this fixed it for me.