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    Is there a power light supposed to be on my slingbox?



      I just purchaed a Slingbox  SlingCatcher and when I plug it in, no power light comes on. Is there supposed to be a power light on this device when plugged in? I have connected to my television, but nothing happens. No signal nothing.


      Can somebody please help?



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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello mcasimir,


          Thanks for using the answers forum! That's a great question! Yes, there should be a power and network light on your SlingCatcher. They would be both located on the right and they should be solid red. Have you tried the power button on the SlingCatcher remote. If it was turned off with the remote, you should be able to turn it back on with the power button. You could also try unplugging and plugging in the power supply. If it is still not powering on, I would recommend contacting technical support.


          Below is a link to an article that tells you how you can contact Sling Media Support:



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