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    No Video on 350 after following componet rescan


      My video was working great, but recently I was getting only audio. I looked up what could be causing this and I was using an HDMI cable to my tv and the componet cables to the slingbox. I followed the steps and unhooked my HDMI and now have the componet cables going through the slingbox and out to the tv. The audio and video now dsiplay perfectly on the tv screen, but I rescanned and still have no video from the slingbox. I have reset the slingbox, still no video. I have reset all my settings on the cable box (Motorola RNG150N from comcast) and still no video. I unplugged the cable box overnight, still no video. I can't seem to find a soultion to this issue, and have no HDMI plugged into the cable box. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanks

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello kingdomemariner,


          Thank you for posting in the forums! I'm sorry to hear after all of the troubleshooting you have done, you are still unable to get a video signal using component cables. After reading your post, the troubleshooting steps you have taken certainly rule out HDCP or SOC. As a final troubleshooting step, I would connect the component cables directly from the cable box to your TV. Completely bypassing the Slingbox. You will want to ensure the TV is set to that component input. If you are getting a video signal on your television, the issue is with the Component input on the Slingbox. If you do not get a video signal, the issue is with the Component output on you set-top box. If the issue does end up being the Slingbox. I would recommend contacting Sling Media Support. As all Slingbox 350's are still within the one-year warranty period, you may be in need of a replacement.


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              interinmente Newbie

              Hello Tyler.Sling,

              I have the same problem. I have 2 Slingboxes 350 and both with the same problem. I can connect composite cables but not component. Composite cables works well both Video and audio while component doesnt work at all.

              I connected directly the component cable from the cable box to TV and it works.

              Since the problem is on both Slingboxes do you thing that just having both replaced can solve the problem?

              I am in the UK