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    Slingbox pro HD stopped working on my computers after years


      One day I was watching TV using my slingbox pro HD and then all of a sudden, not able to connect on any computer.  I am able to watch TV through my smart phone, but not on any computer.  I have three computers at home and tried all three with the same results.  I click watch TV and it comes up, but nothing but a black screen.  I tried using my latop in the same room as the slingbox and changed the channel through my laptop and it worked.  It change the channel on the TV, but still a black screen.


      Not sure why this is happening since I have been using my slingbox without any problems for over 3 years!


      Any help on this matter would truly be appreciated!!!


      Thanks in advance!



      After posting this, I tried my slingbox once again and now I have sound but no picture.


      After reading another common problem, I tried non HD channels and it works, just does not work on any HD channel on Cox!