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    Bitrate stuck at ~100k after installing new plug in




      I have zero issues running slingplayer for ipad or iphone but recently after the new add-in was released, my bitrate won't get above the 100k range and won't display a picture as a result.  I've tried Firefox, Chrome, IE all to no avail.  Any recommendations?

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          Hello tyvek9,


          Thanks for using answers.slingbox.com! I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with video quality. It doesn't appear that it's an issue with plug-in installation. If it were, it would not happen on all browsers. It could possible be a computer issue. However, you get your bit rate from your network speed. I would recommend going to speedtest.net and testing your upload and download speed to verify you have sufficient bandwidth. Could you reply with the results of the speed test, please? Also, could you tell me how the Slingbox is connected to your router? Ex: Hardwired via Ethernet, Wireless bridge, Sling Links, etc..


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