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    After upgrading not able to watch HD anymore, only vga quality


      hi guys,

      I have been using Pro-HD for a few yers now and anything was going well until I had to upgrade the player couple weeks ago. Since that time I cannot play anything on HD quality, sometimes I get audio only sometimes nothing. I upgraded all my computers, I  use 3 different once and there is the same problem: I can only go up to 640x480, anything higher will not show it. I remember that I had the same problem last year and it was because actually slingbox.com limited the access to everyone from that option, but it came back after a few days and everything was well until last week.

      Is there a similar problem now and  maybe I cannot find the correct post or what is going on?

      I have to mention that the behavior is the same both on the Slingplayer and the web player.

      hope someone has an idea how ro fix it.

      Thank you in advance