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    Broke Again




      When I first got the slingbox great easy to setup and worked well.


      It then broke.......


      I rang up and after a bit of back and forth the customer service agreed and sent me out a new one.


      A few months down the line and well the new slingbox broke.


      I ring back up again. Find out a fault power cable is to blame. Got sent out a new one.


      This is now the 3rd fault with the slingbox solo and now it wont connect. I have done an hard reset but just says "unconfigered" and won;t allow me to connect.


      How do we go from here? It seems after reading reviews that the slingbox like to break around 1year after purchase.


      Just incase anyone has run into this issues. All the lights are connect. Solid power/network but just cannot get onto it to configure. Tryed mutiple computer, changed router and disabled AV.